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Lottie London Lip Foils Review / Swatches

There have been a lot of changes in the UK drugstores this year, with brands leaving stores like Lottie London that left Superdrug and than you have Boots who have made many acquisitions this past year like Morphe, Fenty and Revolution. It’s really hard to try and keep up with what’s happening, but I know myself, I was disappointed that Lottie London have left Superdrug. Lottie London is now available on their website directly, and on ASOS but it’s a shame as it’s so much better to be able to try products instore prior to purchase. When Lottie London was pulling out of Superdrug, all of their products were £2 each so I bought two of the Lottie London Lip Foils to try as I hadn’t ever tried them before. 

Lottie London Lip Foils Review Swatches in Drop Out and Over It

Take your lip game to the next level with Lottie London’s Lip Foil. These iridescent, metallic-glitter hybrid toppers glide on semi-sheer and can be applied over any lip for an OTT foiled finish in a flash!

Lottie London Lip Foils Review Swatches in Drop Out and Over It Lottie London Lip Foils Review Swatches in Drop Out and Over It

The Lottie London Lip Foils are £5.95 each, and are available in a total of four shades. They’re gluten free, vegan and cruelty free too. I couldn’t find any decent swatches online when deciding which shades to buy, but three of the four looked almost identical and then there’s one shade (Sinner) which looks like a dark tan compared to the other three pale, iridescent shades. 

Lottie London Lip Foils Review Swatches in Drop Out and Over It

Each of the lip foils are packaged as lip glosses, with clear plastic tubes and a doefoot applicator. Every lip topper I’ve tried thus far, has had a lip gloss formula with sparkle and shimmer suspended within it but these lip toppers are different. They don’t have a gloss base, as when you swipe it on the lips there’s an initial shine but it’s more of a light oil with shimmer and sparkle, rather than a gloss. 

The shine fades quickly within a few minutes, and you’re just left behind with masses of sparkle. They are very pretty indeed, but they’re not glosses which is a little disappointing as I like to use glossy lip topper to add shine and dimension to the lips but the Lottie London Lip Foils are all about the sparkle rather than shine. 

I chose two shades; Drop Out and Over It. You definitely don’t need both shades as although they look slightly different in these swatches, they look the same once on the lips. Drop Out has a slightly pinkier undertone, whereas Over It looks more blue but the difference is only noticeable when swatching at intensity for a photo like this.

Both shades are loaded with shimmer and glitter, without any grittiness on the lips and feel quite comfortable. I just wish they were sparkly glosses, similar to the Jouer Lip Toppers but for under £6 they’re a fab drugstore sparkly lip topper option. 

You can purchase the Lip Foils over on the Lottie London website.