Next Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 Contents Reveal!

Next have not one advent calendar this year, not two advent calendars but three. This year has definitely seen more brands introduce multiple advent calendars to appeal to more budgets and I can only imagine how many advent calendars there will be next year if this year is anything to go by. I have already featured the Next Women and Next Men Advent Calendars which are both in collaboration with Fabled by Marie Claire, and today I have their slightly more affordable option; the Next Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 which is available right now over on the Next website.

Next Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 Contents Reveal!

This calendar is £30, whilst the two other calendars in collaboration with Fabled are £65 each. The other two calendars do contain branded products however, and although I didn’t love the packaging of the £65 calendars, I feel like they both offered decent contents inside. This calendar is more than half the price of the other two, but I much prefer the design.

It is styled to look like the front of a ‘maison de beauté’ with illustrations of wrapped gifts in the windows. It definitely doesn’t look like a £30 advent calendar, and when you open the front cover, there are 24 perforated doors containing the gifts inside. I think Next should have used a similar design for their higher priced calendars as it’s really cute and the front doors of the house are held together with a black ribbon bow which is so cute. I do have a full contents reveal so don’t keep reading unless you want to know what’s inside..

Next Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 Contents Reveal!

Next Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 Contents Reveal:

  • Next Beauty Lip Scrub
  • Next Beauty Lip Balm
  • Next Beauty Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush
  • Next Beauty Nail File
  • Next Beauty Eyeshadows x 2
  • Next Beauty Bronzer
  • Next Beauty Blusher
  • Next Beauty Highlighter
  • Next Beauty Nail Polishes x 2
  • Next Beauty Spiral Hairbands x 2
  • Next Beauty Hand Cream
  • Next Beauty Micellar Water
  • Next Beauty Holographic Lipstick Topper
  • Next Beauty Satin Liquid Lipstick
  • Next Beauty Metallic Lipstick
  • Next Beauty Miniature Mascara
  • Next Beauty Brow Gel
  • Next Beauty Just Pink Eau de Toilette 10ml
  • Next Beauty Eau Nude Eau de Toilette 10ml
  • Next Beauty Sparkle Eau de Toilette 10ml
  • Next Beauty Cashmere Eau de Toilette 10ml
  • Next Beauty No1 Star Eau de Toilette 10ml

The majority of the products included within this calendar have been made especially for the calendar, and aren’t necessarily products you can purchase individually but I do like that Next have included five x 10ml sizes of their fragrances. The Next fragrances are really popular so it makes sense that they would include them, and I know myself that I actually really like Just Pink, and haven’t tried many of the others so this would be a good way to be able to try the other scents. I feel like this calendar is perhaps better suited to teenagers from the products inside, but I still think it’s a really cute advent calendar for £30.


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