Nip and Fab Salicylic Fix Tonic Extreme 2% Review

I used to be a really big fan of the Nip and Fab skincare products, after I discovered and fell in love with their bestselling Glycolic Fix Pads. I’ve tried quite a few of their products over the years, but nothing has wowed me like their exfoliating pads but I’ve still bought some of their newer launches in the hope I’ll love something else. Following the popularity of the Glycolic Fix range, Nip and Fab recently launched a Salicylic Fix range, and I decided to give their Nip and Fab Salicylic Fix Tonic Extreme 2% a try. The Nip and Fab Salicylic Fix Tonic Extreme 2% is £15.95 in the 190ml XXL size. In my opinion 190ml is in no way near an XXL size, but their standard version contains 100ml and is £10.95.

Nip and Fab Salicylic Fix Tonic Extreme 2% Review

I had no idea if I’d like this toner but it felt silly to buy the smaller size, when for a few pounds more you could nearly double the amount of product. I like to use acid based toners every day so they don’t last forever, but I do feel like they should offer more than 100 and 190ml sizes.

The Salicylic Fix range is aimed at teenage skin, and whilst I’m definitely not a teenager, I still suffer from breakouts as if I was a teenager battling hormones and salicylic tends to work well for my skin.

Nip and Fab Salicylic Fix Tonic Extreme 2% Review

Introducing our most potent salicylic tonic, and we’ve made it in XXL size! Inspired by our best-selling Salicylic Fix Tonic, the new Salicylic Fix Tonic Extreme 2% XXL contains a powerful combination of 2% blemish-fighting salicylic acid, sebum-reducing lotus flower and *the* hydration hero, hyaluronic acid to prevent breakouts without stripping the skin. 

Key benefits:

salicylic acid: to visibly even the skin tone and reduce the appearance of problematic skin
hyaluronic acid: hydrates + plumps the complexion
panthenol: deeply moisturises the skin to soothe and calm the complexion

Nip and Fab Salicylic Fix Tonic Extreme 2% Review

The Nip and Fab Salicylic Fix Tonic is gentle on the skin but I don’t find that it imparts any moisture whatsoever which surprised me considering the claims. In fact, the Glycolic Fix Toner offers much more hydration for my dry skin.

When I use this toner, it does sting slightly and leave my skin feeling drier and stripped of moisture. I know it’s meant to have a clarifying effect on the skin, but I purposely keep it away from my most sensitive, dry areas and still it stings my skin.

I haven’t noticed any benefits since introducing this toner into my routine six weeks ago so it does feel a little pointless, and I’d much rather use the Pixi Glow Tonic or Pixi Rose Tonic which are more effective and leave my skin more hydrated and comfortable.

No hydration, no improvement in skintone, no reduction in the appearance of problematic skin, no calming of the skin and no prevention of breakouts. I’m gutted it’s been a fail for me, but skincare is so subjective so whilst it gave me zero skin benefits, it might work brilliantly on someone else.

The toner is available over on the Nip and Fab website.

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