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Norma & Dorothy Advent Calendar Christmas Candle

One of my favourite parts of the whole Christmas build up, is the fact that you can burn festive candles and wax melts pretty much anytime from October the 1st without judgement. And it’s safe to say, I’ve fully embraced the festive fragrances, and I’m thoroughly enjoying burning spicy, sweet and woody scents especially as the temperatures really have fallen in the past few weeks. Until recently I’d never owned an advent candle so when the lovely guys at Norma & Dorothy gifted me the beautiful Norma & Dorothy Advent Calendar Christmas Candle, I really was thrilled. 

Norma & Dorothy Advent Calendar Christmas Candle

I’ve always loved the concept of having an advent candle, but they tend to be either quite religious or old fashioned so it’s not something I’ve ever had before. I appreciate that advent in itself is traditionally religious but I’ve never seen a modern twist on an advent candle until now. The Norma & Dorothy Advent Calendar Christmas Candle is £14 and it offers 25 hours of burn time which I think is pretty generous for a £14 candle.

The whole idea of this candle is that you light it for one hour, every single night from the 1st to 25th of December. It’s such a cute idea, and I feel like £14 is a great price for something you can enjoy for 25 nights in the run up to Christmas. The candle’s design is so rustic and lovely, with an apothecary style brown glass jar and a black screw on lid. The candle inside is 100% natural soy wax which is the best kind of wax, and the candles are beautifully packaged by hand.

Norma & Dorothy Advent Calendar Christmas Candle

What makes this candle even more special and unique, is the textured label on the front numbered 1 to 25. Each day, after burning your candle you simply cross off the date until you’ve reached Christmas Evening. It’s such a sweet ritual for December, and it’s even more special because you can personalise the label. I chose mine and the OH’s name but you could choose anything.

I think this candle would be a lovely gift for a couple, as you can personalise the label with the recipients names and it’s something they can enjoy together. I know the candle is supposed to be enjoyed during December, but for the benefit of writing this review, I’ve had to use this candle now (such an hardship I know) and I’m absolutely loving it. The scent is so strong, and couldn’t be more perfect for advent.

Norma & Dorothy Advent Calendar Christmas Candle

The Norma & Dorothy Advent Calendar Christmas Candle has an orange and cinnamon scent which smells incredible. The minute I unscrewed the lid, I was taken aback by how highly fragranced the soy wax was, and you can smell the candle’s beautiful scent without even burning it and just unscrewing the lid.

Obviously the real magic happens once you light it, and it truly smells divine. It’s such an authentic fragrance, with an amazing throw that fills the room in just a few minutes. I did wonder whether tunnelling would be an issue with only burning the candle for an hour a night, but as it’s only a 180ml candle, the entire top of the candle melts within an hour so there’s no tunnelling and unnecessary wastage of the wax. I think this candle is such a lovely gift, and particularly with the personalisation element, it looks like a much pricier gift than £14.

You can purchase this beautiful Norma & Dorothy Advent Calendar Christmas Candle over on their website.

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