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When it comes to purchasing Christmas gifts for your friends and family, we all have someone that’s hard to buy for. For me I find it really easy to buy gifts for females, but for men it can be trickier if you want to avoid the cliché Lynx and socks route and I have two lovely gift ideas from SIGG that would make perfect gifts for anyone. However I feel like they’d be even more perfect for those that are hard to buy for, as they’re products they’re guaranteed to enjoy.

SIGG Christmas Gift Guide ft. the Miracle Mug + Hot & Cold ONE

I am completely new to the SIGG brand, but they’re a premium Swiss brand that specialise in high quality water bottles ever since 1908. They are so much more than just your standard water bottles, and they have an UK website with their whole product range. I have two products from their range to show you today, and I thought they’d work as a SIGG Christmas Gift Guide and whilst they would make great, practical gifts, they’re also products you’d enjoy yourself too.

SIGG Christmas Gift Guide ft. the Miracle Mug + Hot & Cold ONESIGG Christmas Gift Guide ft. the Miracle Mug + Hot & Cold ONESIGG Christmas Gift Guide ft. the Miracle Mug + Hot & Cold ONE

SIGG Hot & Cold ONE Thermo Flask 500ml £22.99

I have a Swell thermal bottle which I have used throughout the super hot summer and it was amazing to have a bottle that kept my cold drinks very cold throughout the day. However their bottles are very pricey, and my Swell bottle has had the paint design flake off in only a couple of months which has been really disappointing so I’ve been look for a replacement. Many bottles claim to be insulated and keep drinks cool for X amount of hours, but I’ve bought three different insulated bottles since August and they only kept my drinks cold for a maximum of four hours.

This large bottle is the ideal companion for everyone who wants to have a little bit more hot or cold drink “to go”. Slim, chic and practical! And pretty much a classic. The collection made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel is vacuum-insulated and keeps drinks hot or cold for hours.

The innovative ONE cap makes the bottle even more comfortable to use: Carry, open, drink, close and seal – all conveniently with one hand! It allows easy drinking on the train, in the car and in urban life situations – safely locked after use. The cap can be adjusted for right or left-handed users.

The Hot & Cold ONE keeps hot drinks hot for ten hours, and keeps cold drinks cold for eighteen hours which is incredible. It means you can fill your flask with your chosen hot or cold beverage before work and know that it’ll stay hot or cold for the duration of the day. I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I do love hot chocolate so I know it’ll be lovely to have the flask keep my hot chocolate hot on any long car journeys, but cold drinks are mainly what I drink throughout the day.

My favourite drink is sparkling fruit flavoured water and this bottle keeps it icy cold like it’s just been poured straight from the bottle until I’ve finished it. If like me you always have to have a drink during the night and when you wake up, this bottle is a godsend. I hate it when in the morning my drink has become tepid but I can make a drink up in the early evening, and in the morning it’s just as cold as it was when I made it.

I loved my Swell bottle but it never kept drinks cold for 18 hours, so this SIGG bottle has been an even better replacement and it’s much cheaper too which is even better. The bottle is available in a number of colours; Berry, Leaf Green, Magenta, Black, White, Mustard, Denim, Dark, Ultra Lemon, Shy Pink, Electric Blue and many more. I have the Mustard colourway and it’s such a nice grungy mustard colour, and I really love that the base of the bottle has a rubberised disc meaning it doesn’t slip or get knocked over either.

SIGG Christmas Gift Guide ft. the Miracle Mug + Hot & Cold ONESIGG Christmas Gift Guide ft. the Miracle Mug + Hot & Cold ONESIGG Christmas Gift Guide ft. the Miracle Mug + Hot & Cold ONE

SIGG Miracle Mug 470ml £24.99

If hot drinks are more your thing and you like having a hot drink on the go, the SIGG Miracle Mug is such a cool concept. Obviously you can use hot or cold drinks in the Hot & Cold ONE, but the Miracle Mug is more idea if you are on the go as it’s leak-proof and you can store both and cold drinks inside it too. I’ve never had an insulated mug like this before, so I was surprised that it works with both hot and cold drinks, which is obviously down to the double wall insulation. There are no hour claims with this mug like you get with the flask, but I can assure it keeps drinks hot/cold for a good six to eight hours.

Single-use cups cause a lot of waste – get a reusable mug from SIGG instead! Our Miracle thermo mug is made of stainless steel and is double-wall insulated, which keeps your coffee or tea hot or cold for hours.

The mug is equipped with a secure button: push to drink and release to close. It’s also leak proof: Perfect for beverages on the go as it’s durable and free of harmful substances. What are you waiting for?

The SIGG Miracle Mug is available in different sizes and colours. I have the 470ml size in the very sleek, metallic Black colour and I think it looks fab. It also has the rubberised base like the Hot & Cold ONE so it helps to prevent any spills. I really like the release mechanism as it really does keep the drink securely inside the mug, and you simply have to press the button on the top and then twist the top of the mug to open the valve. The liquids inside the mug can only run once the button has been pressed, so you can carry it around in your bag without worrying about leakage issues.

Both of these SIGG products would make great gifts for anyone that loves their hot drinks, or likes to carry a drink around with them and I like that there’s so many colours and sizes available so you can choose the perfect options to suit whomever you’re purchasing for. You can find the whole SIGG range over on their website here.

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