Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide

Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide ft Food and Lifestyle Gifts

I was recently introduced to Sous Chef and was kindly gifted the chance to choose some products which would make for some great Christmas gifts as a Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide. I had never come across Sous Chef before, but they’re a shop for people who love cooking with ingredients, equipment, tableware and gifts inspired by leading restaurants and international food.

They’re based in north London with a warehouse full of fabulous things, ready for next day delivery and ships to thousands of customers every week, from home cooks to some of the top Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe. 

Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide ft Food and Lifestyle GiftsSous Chef Christmas Gift Guide ft Food and Lifestyle Gifts

The first item I chose as part of my Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide is something I know Rob will love, and that’s the Pommery Royale Mustard With Cognac. He’s obsessed with mustard, and I can’t believe that this massive stoneware jar of 500g is £9.50. I assumed it would be a lot more expensive than £10, and it even comes with its own golden wax seal.

Pommery Royale mustard with cognac is a heavenly combination of gourmet wholegrain mustard and luxurious cognac. It’s the perfect foil for roasted meats or root vegetables, but it also complements game birds such as pheasant and guinea fowl.” 

It looks like such a luxurious and special gift, and I know he’s going to be thrilled. I’m allergic to mustard myself so it’s not something I can enjoy myself but he loves trying new and unique mustards so I can’t wait to gift him this. I can’t think of any mustard fans that wouldn’t be wowed to receive this, especially if they enjoy cognac too. Sous Chef also have many different varieties of mustard if this one doesn’t take your fancy.

Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide ft Food and Lifestyle GiftsSous Chef Christmas Gift Guide ft Food and Lifestyle Gifts

No foodie gift guide would be complete without some chocolate, and I chose two chocolate gifts as part of my Sous Chef Christmas gift guide. When it comes to gifting chocolate, you really can’t go wrong with Duc D’Or. I chose the Duc D’Or Dark Chocolate Truffles £5.75 which I’m sure you’ll agree, look absolutely delicious. 

Duc D’O dark chocolate truffles are decadent treats to enjoy curled up by the fire with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The light, almost mousse-like chocolate truffle centre is enrobed in a layer of smooth Belgian dark chocolate then coated in dark chocolate flakes.”

Belgian chocolate is one of my favourite varieties of chocolate, and I have a massive love for truffles so these dark chocolate truffles looked incredible from the photos online, but they look even more delicious in real life. I love that each truffle is covered in shards of dark chocolate, and let me tell you, they taste just as good as they look. 

Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide ft Food and Lifestyle GiftsSous Chef Christmas Gift Guide ft Food and Lifestyle Gifts

The second chocolately gift I chose is from a brand I’ve never tried before and that’s Tony’s Chocolonely. I have heard a lot about the brand, but never have I tried their chocolate so this was the perfect opportunity. I chose the Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt 180g £4.49 which is pricey for a block of chocolate, but it’s not just any chocolate. 

Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt is filled with crunchy caramel and a hint of sea salt. It’s incredibly moreish, and a great bar to enjoy along with a coffee after dinner. The patterning on the bar looks great too.

This chocolate is seriously good, with very smooth and delicious milk chocolate with the caramel and sea salt grains within the chocolate gives a really interesting texture. It’s very rich though, so you’d only ever want one or two pieces in one go so the bar should go further. Tony’s Chocolonely is available in multiple different flavours, but this was the one that appealed the most, and I’m so glad I chose it. 

I wanted to include information on why the chocolate is a little special too as I really love the whole message behind the brand, and the name too. I feels like some people would be happier to pay an higher price for higher quality chocolate that has a more ethical origin.

Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to make the chocolate industry 100% slave free. This means using only traceable beans, paying a higher price, investing in farming cooperatives, thinking long term, and helping farmers be more productive.

Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide ft Food and Lifestyle GiftsSous Chef Christmas Gift Guide ft Food and Lifestyle Gifts

The last gift within my Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide is a sentimental one, and it’s not a food gift either. I chose the Grow Towering Sunflowers From a Bag which is £9.50 and a lovely unique gift especially for those that enjoy gardening. My mum absolutely loved sunflowers, and they’ve always been something I had in my home and garden whilst growing up, and as I very sadly lost my mum in August, I loved the idea of this gift so I could grow my own sunflowers as a nod to her and I feel like £9.50 is such a great price.

The towering sunflowers bag plant has everything you need to grow your own giant sunflowers. Fully grown, they can reach 10ft or more! Start the seeds off in the natural jute bag, then transplant the whole thing outside to mature. Every towering sunflowers bag plant includes a natural, biodegradable jute bag, soil, sunflower seeds and instructions.

Inside the bag you have everything you need to start your sunflowers off, and you can grow sunflowers upto 10 feet tall which is incredible. My mum was a serious garden obsessive before she got ill, and used to make hanging baskets for the neighbours as hers were always the biggest on the street so I hope this might inspire me to try gardening myself and it’s such a lovely gift idea for the price. 

I really hope you enjoyed my Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide. You can check out their other products over on their website

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