Dove DermaSpa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Bliss Body Lotion

Dove DermaSpa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Bliss Body Lotion

Dove are such a great all round brand but I feel like I often overlook their products. I spotted the Dove DermaSpa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Bliss Body Lotion when placing a Superdrug order and I had to try it as I love the idea of a sleep inspired range.

Dove body lotions are lovely anyway, but this new body lotion is part of their DermaSpa collection which features the brands latest advancements in dermatological care which are all enriched with Cell-Moisturisers; key moisturising actives that work at the heart of skin cells leaving them full of moisture.

Dove DermaSpa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Bliss Body Lotion

  • Dove DermaSpa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Bliss Body Lotion is an intensely moisturising body cream for spa-like bedtime pampering

  • New to Dove DermaSpa, this restoring nighttime body lotion is infused with Active Cell Moisturisers™ to enhance your natural skin renewal process, revealing visibly renewed skin in just 1 night

  • The replenishing moisturiser is easily absorbed, leaving no residue for silky-smooth skin

  • For the ultimate night skincare routine, combine with the full Dove DermaSpa Beauty Sleep range

  • Moisturiser is infused with an enveloping hint of lavender for its spa-like fragrance to help you sink into a restful sleep.

  • For supple, smooth skin, massage a generous amount of skin lotion onto clean, dry skin and enjoy a moment of calm

Dove DermaSpa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Bliss Body Lotion

There are currently two products within the Dove DermaSpa Beauty Sleep Collection; this Bedtime Bliss Skin Lotion £6.59 and a Midnight Melting Body Balm £9.99. I’ve seen online that there’s also an hand cream within the range but I can’t see the hand cream anywhere online right now, but I’d love to try the hand cream as I love all of the Dove hand creams. The packaging of this lotion is so pretty with stars all over the tube and the dark navy plastic lid has glitter suspended within it.

This body lotion really appealed to me as I religiously use pillow spray every night before going to bed, but I’ve never tried a lavender scented body lotion before but I liked the idea of how relaxing it might be.

This Works do a sleep body lotion within their Deep Sleep range but it’s £25 for only 75ml whereas this big 200ml tube is only £6.59 and it’s permanently on offer making it even more affordable too.

Dove DermaSpa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Bliss Body Lotion

The lotion has a lightweight consistency and is easy to massage into the skin. I did expect it to be a little richer than it is from reading the description but even though it’s lightweight, it still offers the perfect amount of hydration.

If anything I’m pleased it’s more lightweight as it’s something you apply just before bed so you don’t want to have to wait for ages before putting your pyjamas on. I can’t say the lavender scent makes a difference to my how sleepy I feel but I like the lavender scent.

It does make my skin feel lovely and soft but I’m not sure it’s any different to any other body lotion I’ve tried. I do feel like it might be more of a gimmick, but I obviously have no idea if it is doing any cell renewing but it’s been a little underwhelming in all honesty. I will still use it until it’s finished as it’s a really nice, lightweight lotion that smells nice but it doesn’t do anything different to the usual Dove lotions.

Have you tried anything from the Dove DermaSpa range before?

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