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Juice Super Fast Wall Charger and Juice Power Bank

Juice Super Fast Wall Charger and Juice Power Bank Review

Juice are a tech brand (previously known as Gusto) that started in 2012 with the aim of supplying high quality and beautifully designed electronics accessories to a tech-savvy mobile generation. Juice pride themselves on creating products which are beautiful but practical too, and although I’ve heard a lot about Juice, I’ve never tried any of their products before.  I have two products from their extensive range to show you today; the Juice Super Fast Wall Charger and Juice Power Bank, both of which would make amazing Christmas gifts for any tech lovers in your life.

Juice Super Fast Wall Charger and Juice Power Bank Review Juice Super Fast Wall Charger and Juice Power Bank Review Juice Super Fast Wall Charger and Juice Power Bank Review

Super Juice Super Fast Wall Charger £21.99

Juice introduces the new super-fast 18W 2 port wall charger using PD (Power Delivery) technology. This charger can charge your device to 75% in just 45 minutes compared to the 2 hours needed for standard chargers. Features include a USB-C port and a USB-A port meaning that you can now charge 2 devices at once.

The sure grip band around the plug means these plugs are easy to pull out of the wall sockets. The charger comes with its own bag. Packed with safety features, the device is built with over current, over voltage and short circuit protection. It is compatible with all mobiles, tablets and laptops when used with your existing cable.”

I’ve only ever used the charger plugs that come with my phones so I was up for trying something that could quicken my charging time. I have an iPhone XS Max so it takes quite a while to charge, and I’ve been so impressed with how much quicker this plug is for charging than the standard Apple plugs. Usually I put my phone on charge about 11pm and it takes until around 5am before being fully charged when using my Apple plug, but using the Super Juice Super Fast Wall Charger plug my charging time has reduced to around three hours which is crazy good.

I love Juice’s branding so much, and the fact this plug comes in a juice carton is just cute and the Juice Super Fast Wall Charger is available in multiple colours too. I have this fantastic pink one which is just so bright and vibrant, and I like that the juice carton has pink detailing to match the pink plug inside. I love that it has a space for a USB-C port and an USB-A port so you could charge two devices at once which is so much more convenient and who wouldn’t want to receive one of these as a gift?! Everyone can utilise a super fast charger, and as there’s other colours you could whichever colour would suit the recipient or yourself the most.

Juice Super Fast Wall Charger and Juice Power Bank Review Juice Super Fast Wall Charger and Juice Power Bank Review Juice Super Fast Wall Charger and Juice Power Bank Review

Juice Power Bank £19.99

\”Holding two full charges for the latest smartphones such as the iPhone XS or Samsung S10, the Juice® #2 power bank is great for commuters or a long day of meetings. Easily fitting into bags, it will provide 5,000mAh of emergency power whilst on the go.

The #2 also benefits from both USB and USB Type C charging ports, allowing multiple devices to be charged at the same time. Compatible with all Micro-USB, Type C and Apple devices when charging with an existing cable.”

This Juice Power Bank is part of their 12345 power bank collection, where they have a power bank named #1-#5 and the number signifies how many charges the power bank offers. So for example, this is the Juice #2 Power Bank so it holds enough power for two full charges for the latest smartphones. I have a cheap powerbank that takes six hours to charge and gives me maybe a third of a charge, so I’m very grateful this power bank.

It has a super sleek, rubberised texture and even comes with its own little drawstring bag and cable. The Juice 2 has a capacity of 5,000 mAh, can be charged in under 4 hours and has an handy LED display will show you what percentage your power bank has remaining. It’s compatible with all brands of smartphones and tablets using your existing charging cables, but the mini cable included is a Micro USB to USB so you can use the mini wire or use your existing cable – and infact, Juice do cables too.

Something that impressed me the most with this power bank is that it has a function where you can safely charge the powerbank and a device at the same time thanks to having pass through charge enabled. I was worried I’d have to wait four hours to charge this up, and then wait for the power bank to then charge my phone but this is so much better. If you prefer your power bank to give you more full charges, they have ones that give you 3, 4 and 5 charges too.

Both the Juice Super Fast Wall Charger and the Juice Power Banks would make amazing gifts for men and women of all ages, and it’s such a useful gift as the majority of us need to use chargers and power banks on a daily basis. You can find the whole Juice range over on the fabulous Juice website

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