Mermaid Gin

If you have any gin lovers to buy for this Christmas, or you’re just a massive gin obsessive yourself, I have the most perfect and majestic gin I’ve ever seen. I know it’s not just about the packaging when it comes to a product, but have you ever seen packaging as beautiful as the packaging on the Mermaid Gin.

Mermaid Gin

Gin has soared in popularity in recent years, and lots of interesting distilleries are launching their own gins but I think The Isle of Wight Distillery may win the award for the most beautiful gin in the world. The Mermaid Gin 70cl is available from Marks and Spencer, and the Isle of Wight Distillery website directly for £45.

Mermaid GinMermaid Gin

What is Mermaid Gin?

Mermaid small batch gin has been hand-crafted on the Isle of Wight since 2014 using ten ethically sourced botanicals. Now presented in a stunning new, eco-friendly bottle. Mermaid Gin is a smooth yet complex blend of the freshness of organic lemon zest, the peppery notes in grains of paradise and a hint of sea air from fragrant rock samphire. Refreshing and invigorating.

Working with column stills for a smoother spirit, the process is tightly controlled capturing only the hearts of each batch – the sweet spot of any distillation. This avoids the harsher elements found in the heads and tails to create a purer gin that is perfectly balanced. Mermaid is then rested for seven days to let the flavours mellow and marry and only then cut back to 42% abv with pure island spring water.

Our rock samphire is locally foraged from the space between the sea and the shore, the world of the free spirited mermaid. Boadicea hops are grown at the famous Ventnor Botanic Garden and our coriander seeds are the first to be commercially grown in England. The other botanicals – including angelica root, liquorish root and orris root – are sourced by a father & son partnership visiting families and farmers around the world. This gives us the peace of mind that we select the best quality, ethically traded ingredients.”

Mermaid Gin

The process that goes into producing the gin sounds like it could come from the pages of a novel, and I love that the brand have really thought about the bigger picture in the production of the gin. The ‘environment of mermaids’ is preserved by them supporting marine conservation projects, and by presenting their gin in a plastic free, incredibly opulent bottle.

Mermaid Gin

There’s no doubt that the bottle of this gin is by far the most beautiful packaging I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely guaranteed to wow whomever you gifted it to, and even if you just wanted to treat yourself, you could totally reuse this bottle after enjoying the gin. I am totally going to reuse mine as a vase with a gerbera inside or something. The bottle has the most amazing mermaid tail effect to the bottle, with a raised scale effect and ombréd turquoise colour to the glass. I can imagine any gin lover being totally thrilled to receive this beautiful gin for Christmas, and if you prefer a berry infused ‘pink’ gin, they even do a Mermaid Pink Gin too.

You can find out all about the amazing Mermaid Gin over on the Isle of Wight Distillery website.

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