Only Curls Silk Scrunchies

12th November 2019

Scrunchies have made an huge comeback this past couple of years, and their popularity doesn’t seem to be dwindling and I have to admit, I love a good scrunchie. I can’t say I’m into the big, garish scrunchies from the 90’s but I’m totally onboard with a more underrated scrunchie. I’ve totally loved the effect of using a silk satin pillowcase on my hair, as it reduces unwanted frizz massively in the mornings, so I’ve been curious to try Only Curls Silk Scrunchies to see how they’d compare to ordinary scrunchies. 

Only Curls Silk Scrunchies

Only Curls are a brand dedicated to creating products to enhance natural curls, with curly girl hair products, styling products, accessories and even towels. I’ve never heard of the Only Curls brand before, but I love their pink and black branding, and their products have been featured in publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Byrdie, You Magazine and Glamour. 

Only Curls Silk Scrunchies

The Only Curls Silk Scrunchies have so many amazing reviews on the Only Curls website, and the scrunchies are available in both pink and black with different sizes too. There are large scrunchies, and mini scrunchies, and I have the Only Curls Silk Scrunchies in the pink mini size and they’re £10 to purchase from the Only Curls website. 

Keep your gorgeous curls intact with these 100% silk narrow scrunchies. The smooth silk fabric exterior helps reduce tangles, breakage and frizz. A Curly Girl must have!

Only Curls Silk Scrunchies

These scrunchies are super silky soft, and I love the pale pink colour as it’s so feminine and pretty. I have super long hair, and a lot of it so I did wonder whether the mini size would be too small for my mass of hair but they have a really great amount of stretch. Some scrunchies can leave a noticeable bump or kink in the hair when you try to remove them, but I don’t have any kinks even if I use one when my hair is a little damp.

I’m not sure how longlasting they’ll be compared to other scrunchies because they are 100% silk, but I’m hoping they last well as they look so cute in the hair, without causing any damage, breakage or frizz.

You can purchase the Only Curls scrunchies over on their website.

Only Curls Silk Scrunchies 1
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