Red Cherry False Eyelashes |

Red Cherry False Eyelashes |

If you’re a false eyelash obsessive, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll know and love They’re a website dedicated to false eyelashes, and everything you need to perfect your lash look. False Eyelashes stock an amazing selection of brands including Esqido, Eylure, Lilly Lashes, Unicorn Lashes, Velour Lashes and many, many more. They’re a UK website, and they offer free UK delivery on orders over £10 and whenever I’ve ordered from them, my order has arrived quickly and is always packaged well too. I have a collection of Red Cherry False Eyelashes to show you today, all of which are available from the website as well as a couple of tools too.

Red Cherry False Eyelashes |

Red Cherry are an affordable America based false lashes brand offering handmade lashes which are cruelty free, lightweight, comfortable and made from 100% human hair. There are many lash brands that use mink hair for their lashes, but Red Cherry only use human hair for their lashes and they are so reasonably priced for the quality.

They’re a family run lash brand that have been in business for over 30 years, and stock a massive selection of the Red Cherry lashes on their website. In fact, are the exclusive distributor for Red Cherry Eyelashes in the UK. Red Cherry now have over 75 different lash styles to choose from, and I have three of the lash styles to show you today.

Red Cherry False Eyelashes | Cherry False Eyelashes |

Red Cherry Blair False Eyelashes £6.99

“Effortlessly achieve a bold, beautiful enhancement with Red Cherry Lashes in style Blair. Boasting a full, multi-layered appearance, these dramatic lashes add density, dimension and definition to your natural lashes for a stunning, stand out finish.”

  • High quality synthetic hair 
  • Multi-layered effect
  • Reusable

Red Cherry False Eyelashes | Cherry False Eyelashes |

Red Cherry Demi Wispy False Eyelashes £3.99

Red Cherry Lashes in style #DW (Demi Wispy) are subtle yet stylish. Their design is softly tapered, allowing for an elongated appearance and graduated length. The lightweight, wispy ends gently criss-cross over each other to create a gorgeous, natural texture. Red Cherry Demi Wispy Lashes are amongst our best sellers thanks to their amazing, natural style.

  • Popular Demi Wispy style
  • High quality, handmade lashes
  • Tied using 100% real human hair

Applying these Red Cherry strip lashes is simple, and they can be worn on multiple occasions if you remove them carefully after use. Lash adhesive isn’t included, but any strip lash glue will work perfectly with these Red Cherry #DW lashes.” 

Red Cherry False Eyelashes | Cherry False Eyelashes |

Red Cherry Wispy False Eyelashes £3.99

“These Wispy lashes are extremely popular with our customers, bloggers, makeup artists and celebrities around the world. If you’re looking for a medium length, wispy style lash that’s ideal for day to day wear – or even for a special occasion – then look no further. Red Cherry #WSP lashes are handmade from real human hair – they’re durable and reusable.”

  • Popular wispy style
  • High quality
  • Easy to apply

Red Cherry False Eyelashes | Cherry False Eyelashes |

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive Dark £4.99

There are so many different lash glues to choose from, that it can become a little overwhelming when trying to choose one to try. I have a really bad latex allergy so there’s many lash glues that I can’t even use. The Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive is available in two types; Dark, which is the one that I own, and also White. This glue is black as you can see on the brush, meaning it blends into the lash band seamlessly for a truly natural blend and it sticks your lashes in place all day (and night) long. The glue is latex free which is fab, and in my opinion, it’s the best lash glue you can buy for under £5.

Red Cherry False Eyelashes | False Lash Applicator Tool – Gold £3.99

If you’re a regular wearer of false eyelashes, you might not even need a false lash applicator. However if you struggle when it comes to application, or you prefer to use a tweezers to help you with placement of the lash band, an applicator like this is so much better, and not to mention safer too. Tweezers have sharp points so they can pluck hairs, however an applicator like this has rounded edges so it’s safer for use around the eyes, and it really does help to hold the lashes in the middle for easy placement against your natural lashes. 

You can check out the lashes has to offer over on their website.

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