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Rubis Star Tweezers

I’ve tried so many different brands of tweezers ever since I started plucking my brows at around fourteen years of age. My first ever pair of tweezers were a cheap Boots pair and I didn’t really know if they were any good or not. I first discovered Tweezerman tweezers in my twenties, and I’d been very happy with them until my most recent pair of Tweezerman tweezers that I bought in March became blunt and unaligned within a matter of weeks. High quality tweezers aren’t cheap, so I’d been looking at other tweezer brands trying to decide which would be a good alternative. I was kindly gifted the Rubis Star Tweezers and I couldn’t wait to give them a try..


Rubis Tweezers

“We manufacture all our tweezers in Switzerland, respecting the highest quality standards. Rubis tweezers are the result of 45 meticulous processing steps which ensure total perfection in the tips’ closure and unique manoeuvrability thanks to their balanced weight and ergonomics.

No Rubis tweezers leave the factory without having passed two quality checks. No scratches, no material or finish imprecision is allowed. Swiss quality and precision are not only respected, but exalted in form and colour.”


Rubis Tweezers are available to purchase from Cult Beauty, and are priced between £21.50 and £22.50. I have the Rubis Star Tweezers which aren’t currently available on Cult Beauty, but because they’re a more luxurious design, I’d take a guess that they’d be one of the £22.50 pairs. The tweezers come in an handy plastic zip lock case which helps to keep the tweezers protected between use, and the tweezers have a plastic tip guard to further protect the tips.


The tweezers have been made with top-quality stainless steel, guaranteeing excellent, long-lasting flexibility over the years. The coating is in 240 ct ultra-fine gold (0.5 microns).


I had to use my macro lens to get a decent photo of the precision cut tips of the Rubis Star Tweezers, as they really are extremely precise and sharp. I’ve found that these tweezers to be far superior to my Tweezerman tweezers, and the tips are so effective at catching brow hairs in one go. I have found them to be even more amazing at removing ingrown brow hairs too. I haven’t touched any of my other tweezers since getting these tweezers, they really are the best I’ve ever tried and I really hope they stay as super precise as they are now, as they are so effective and precise.

You can purchase Rubis Tweezers from Cult Beauty.