Sanctuary Spa Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser

25th November 2019

Sanctuary Spa Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser

The Sanctuary Spa are well known for their range of gorgeous skincare, bodycare and bathing treats but they’ve recently relaunched their home fragrance collection in time for Christmas. Sanctuary Spa have had many home fragrance products in the past including candles, room sprays and reed diffusers and whilst they were all very lovely, their new home fragrance collection is on another level and I have the Sanctuary Spa Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser from the collection to show you today.

Sanctuary Spa Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser

The Sanctuary Spa home fragrance collection features three different reed diffusers in the scents Signature, Luxury Oud and Driftwood & Sea Spray, six different candles in the scents Signature, Luxury Oud, Driftwood & Sea Spray, White Jasmine & Myrrh, Pink Grapefruit and Fig & Black Amber. The room spray is available in just one scent and that’s the Signature scent.

I love reed diffusers as they scent the room continuously and they’re longlasting too. They’re also handy for rooms or spaces where you might not want to use candles like the hallway, or bathroom. I chose the Sanctuary Spa Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser as I love anything oud scented, and I thought it would be perfect for this time of year.

“An intensely indulgent floral oud fragrance with hints of golden saffron top notes & a white floral & rose heart resting on a decadent woody, musky & sweet amber base. Make every room your sanctuary.”

Sanctuary Spa Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser

Make every room your sanctuary with these diffusers that are perfect for continuously scenting your favourite places, with fragrance evaporating into the air via the porous reeds. Periodically turn the stems to ensure fragrance is replenished until all the oil is gone.

Sanctuary Spa Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser

The Sanctuary Spa Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser is £18 and available to purchase from Boots both online and instore. The packaging is so pretty with a matte black box and a rose gold foil ‘S’ on the front. The reed diffuser inside has a clear, large glass jar with a plastic stopper which you remove to insert the reeds. The diffuser comes with ten black wooden reeds which is a generous amount, and it took around 8-10 hours for the oil to soak up the reeds before the room became scented. 

The Luxury Oud fragrance is nice and musky, without being too overpowering so you could still use candles or room sprays at the same time without worrying about the scents competing with one another. It’s not the strongest of scents, but in my opinion it gives the room the perfect amount of fragrance and as you get so much oil within the jar, I can only imagine how long it’ll last for. 

If you’d like to purchase one of the Sanctuary Spa Reed Diffusers you can do so on the Boots website.

Sanctuary Spa Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser 1
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