Zoeva Makeup Mirror Review

5th November 2019

When it comes to applying makeup, a mirror is just a mirror right?! Wrong. I always thought it didn’t matter which mirror I used as it was all about the makeup or the brushes, but ever since I bought the Zoeva Makeup Mirror I’ll never go back to a conventional mirror.

Zoeva Makeup Mirror Review
The Zoeva Makeup Mirror £7.99 is described as a travel sized mirror, although I think that description gives the impression that it’s quite small so I was surprised when it arrived as it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The Makeup Mirror can be used as an handheld mirror, or you can stand it up anywhere as it has an handy stand on the back.
Zoeva Makeup Mirror
Image sharing the inside of the mirror, with a large size and two smaller sized mirrors

Zoeva Makeup Mirror Review

Zoeva Makeup Mirror
The mirror is foldable with mirrored wings to create a three-dimensional mirror with a large mirror in the middle and two smaller mirrors on each side which can be positioned flat or they can be brought forward so you can see your face from multiple angles which I know might sound terrifying but it’s amazing for ensuring you’ve blended your foundation in properly without any unsightly tidemarks. It also helps to reflect light onto your face which works wonders when plucking your eyebrows as you can see every single hair, and the extra light really helps with eyeliner and eyeshadow application.
On the main, larger mirror there’s a really lovely quote “objects in the mirror are more beautiful than they appear” which is so cute, and a lovely touch. The mirror is made of sturdy black plastic, and it’s really good quality yet lightweight at the same time and as it’s only 1cm thick, it’d take up very little room when travelling. If you’re in the market for a new mirror, or you’d like a mirror that would help with makeup application, I cannot recommend this Zoeva Makeup Mirror enough, it’s just amazing and an absolute bargain too at just £7.99.
Zoeva Makeup Mirror Review 1
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