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Brushworks HD Jade Roller

Brushworks HD Jade Roller

Jade Rollers have become really popular this year, with many skincare brands launching their own jade roller. I’ve featured a couple of high-end jade rollers here on my blog, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on a jade roller, and the Brushworks HD Jade Roller is the perfect example. Brushworks are an award winning beauty brand that creates makeup brushes, beauty tools and accessories, and their products are available on the SoInvogue website.

Brushworks HD Jade Roller

What are the benefits of using the Brushworks HD Jade Roller?

The jade roller beauty technique originated in China, where it was known for healing and purifying. Using a jade roller are said to work by aiding in lymphatic drainage by moving fluid that pools under the skin, to have a depuffing effect on the skin. According to David Petrusich, Head of Education at Herbivore Botanicals, Jade rollers utilise the cool, smooth weighted polished crystal to energise and renew the complexion, amplifying the health and glow of the skin, and evenly distribute oils for a luminous effect.

The rollers are naturally cooler than the room temperature, and they offer a skin tightening benefit and calm any inflammation. Many of us want to tighten our skin for a more youthful complexion, and whilst there’s effective botox treatments available, a jade roller is something that can still offer tighteing benefits.

Brushworks HD Jade Roller

The Brushworks HD Jade Roller is £9.99, so it’s the perfect starter jade roller, and I think it’d make a great stocking filler for any beauty junkie and/or those that are interested in crystal based beauty tools. I like that the Brushworks HD Jade Roller has a larger sized roller on one end, and a small roller on the other, so you can use the smaller size around the eyes, but use the larger size for the larger areas of the skin.

There are many tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest showing you how best to use your roller within your skincare routine. My favourite benefit of using a roller within my routine, is how effective they are at depuffing the skin.

  I get really puffy eyes, especially in the spring and summer due to hayfever but the cooling sensation of the jade against the skin really does work wonders. Using a jade roller feels very therapeutic and relaxing, and you can instantly see a benefit in the skin after using a roller for a couple of minutes. I also enjoy using my roller whenever I have a headache, or am feeling stressed or anxious so it’s quite a versatile beauty tool.

You can purchase the Brushworks Jade Roller right here.

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