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Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Brush Set

I featured the Brushworks HD Jade Roller here on my blog a few days ago, as an initial introduction to the brand and today I have another of their products to share with you. Like the name suggests, Brushworks have a whole range of different makeup brushes to suit all budgets both for the face and the eyes. The Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Brush Set is a special Unicorn version of their existing Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Brush Set which has a black and purple ombréd design. Whereas this new edition of the set has an amazing pink and turquoise design, and I’m loving it.

Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Brush Set

If you’re new to the Brushworks brand entirely, Brushworks are an award winning beauty brand that creates makeup brushes, beauty tools and accessories, and their products are available on the SoInvogue website. The Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Brush Set is £19 and the Unicorn version of the brush set is available to purchase from Tesco, however the original black and purple design is available to purchase on the SoInvogue website where they offer free UK shipping on orders over £15.

Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Brush Set Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Brush Set

For £19 you get five beautiful brushes for the eyes and brows, as well as a pretty pink magnetic brush case to protect the brushes. I didn’t even see the brush case at first as it’s hidden behind cardboard within the box, so if you do purchase this set make sure you scoop the case out of the box first, as it’s very easy to miss.

Our HD eye & brow set contains a selection of 5 essential brushes. Created to blend, highlight, contour & define your eyes and brows.”

Eye Shading Brush
Designed for the entire eyelid, the wide semi-circle brush head complements the shape of your eyelid. Perfect for applying your base shadow powder or cream.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush
A fluffy dome-shaped brush head that offers precision and control. Disperse and blend harsh lines for a smooth transition of colour.

Angled Liner Brush
Create sharp lines with powder gel liners or shadows. Achieve defined lines with the hand cut short firm bristles, use the angled flat edge to pack colour close to the lash line.

Pencil Brush
Densely packed bristles target small hard to reach areas, placing shadow exactly where you need it. The perfect brush for brightening the inner corners of the eye, adding finishing touches or precise blending.

Smudge Brush
Short tapered bristles densely packed to hold plenty of shadow. Designed to fit alongside the lash line, the tapered end simply smudges shadow and liner to achieve a smokey eye look.

Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Brush Set

Our premium brushes with hand crafted luxuriously soft brush heads are ideal for loose, pressed and liquid make up.

Inside the set you get an angled brow brush, a small rounded detail brush, a slim eyeliner brush and two different blending brushes with one being slightly more rounded, and the other being slightly flatter in shape. The handles have an handy indent at the base of the ferrules which works well as a grip when using the brushes. The bristles are lovely and soft, and they’re densely packed too, for easy application and blending.

There are quite a lot of metallic ombréd brushes on eBay and AliExpress which feel very light and cheap, but the brushes inside the Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Brush Set have a nice weight to them and their quality is definitely on par with the Real Techniques brushes, which I feel like is the benchmark for affordable makeup brushes. I think £19 is a great price for five beautiful brushes, as it works out at just £3.80 a brush which is a bargain.

You can check out the SoInVogue website right here.

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