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Chromozoom Life Tests – Lifestyle DNA Analysis Kits

Chromozoom Life Tests - At Home DNA Testing for Nutrition, Sport, Beauty, Derma, Vision and Dental tests

I had the chance to try an at home allergy and intolerance test at the beginning of this year and it’s made such a difference to my life. It might sound like a total cliché but it really has. I had many health issues which I knew was connected to intolerances and allergies but getting tested via the NHS is somewhat of a nightmare, so I’ve totally seen the light of how useful at home testing kits are. Which is where Chromozoom come in. They’re the first at home DNA analysis kit service which I think would make for great gifts for those that are difficult to buy for, or are very health conscious.

Who are Chromozoom?

For the ultimate, original Christmas gift, help your loved ones unlock the secrets of their DNA and revolutionise their daily wellbeing regime with Chromozoom, the new ground-breaking DNA kit that focuses entirely on lifestyle factors that empower you to make immediate positive changes to aspects such as exercise, nutrition, skincare and much more.

Hundreds of genetic markers are analysed from a simple cheek swab, done from the comfort of your own home, which provides bespoke insights to your DNA together with professional advice. You can decipher what your skin needs, unlock your sporting potential, identify food intolerances and help protect your eyes and teeth. There are six body insight zones to choose from – Nutri, Sport, Beauty, Derma, Vision and Dental – and you can choose just one or all from a single swab.

Chromozoom Life Tests - At Home DNA Testing for Nutrition, Sport, Beauty, Derma, Vision and Dental tests

So there are six different Chromozoom DNA tests you can have;

  • Nutri – Are you aware of any food intolerances? Is your weight stable? As no two people are the same, the only way to understand your body is to decode its secrets via the most precise and detailed DNA test on the market, analysing 300+ genetic markers within almost 200 genes linked to taste and nutrition.
  • Sport – While some diseases are hard to avoid, there are many conditions that can be prevented through well-chosen physical activities. Discover your true sporting potential through our comprehensive test, analysing 132 genetic markers within 100 genes.
  • Beauty – While our Derma test focuses predominantly on the clinical aspects of skin care, our Beauty test has a more poetic purpose – to protect and enhance your natural beauty in the simplest possible way, using your DNA as a guide. This comprehensive genetic test analyses 100+ genetic markers within more than 70 genes linked to skin beauty and aging.
  • Derma – We all want healthy, glowing skin. But throughout our lives, the skin is exposed to the full force of damaging elements. Thankfully, it’s never too late to take positive steps to protect your skin. This test analyses 300+ genetic markers within 270 genes linked to skin health.
  • Vision – Safeguard your sight with our comprehensive DNA analysis, revealing your predispositions to the most common eye defects, and providing you with personalised eye-care advice. This test analyses 181 genetic markers within 140 genes linked to various eye defects.
  • Dental – Ensure healty teeth and gums by harnessing the power of your DNA. This comprehensive genetic test analyses over 100 genetic markers within more than 70 genes linked to oral health and taste perception.

Chromozoom Life Tests - At Home DNA Testing for Nutrition, Sport, Beauty, Derma, Vision and Dental tests

I was given the chance to try one of the six Chromozoon DNA Tests and I decided to choose the Sport DNA Test for Rob to do as I thought it might be a little more different and interesting compared to me. I have multiple health conditions whereas Rob has pretty much perfect health and never gets ill, but he’s sport obsessed and loves running and playing football multiple times a week. My love is beauty and blogging, whereas sport is his love so I really wanted to see what the results would be like for him as the sport test sounded too different to any other at home tests I’ve heard about.

Chromozoom Life Tests - At Home DNA Testing for Nutrition, Sport, Beauty, Derma, Vision and Dental tests

DNA Test Sport – How does it work?

The Chromozoom Sport DNA Test is £129 and includes fourteen different reports, and the science behind the test is very indepth so I would recommend looking at their website to find out everything about the kit. I assumed it would be quite a long and detailed process but I’m so impressed with how quick and simple it all us.

You purchase your chosen Chromozoom Kit online via their website, and you’re then sent your DNA collection kit which comes inside a little white cardboard box. It’s quite an unassuming box which I like, and it contains all the info you need to get started. Once you receive your kit in the mail, you have to go in order to register your DNA collection kit prior to using the kit. The kit contains a little yellow card with a DNA collection kit number, which you simply enter online.

Inside your kit there’s a collection swab inside a tube which you have to write your details on, and a little plastic packet to place the tube inside to keep protected. The inside of the box has the simple steps outlined from 1-8 talking you through the collection process and it really is very easy.

Chromozoom Life Tests - At Home DNA Testing for Nutrition, Sport, Beauty, Derma, Vision and Dental tests

Chromozoom DNA Collection 1-8 Steps:

  1. Avoid eating and drinking for 60 minutes prior to taking your DNA sample. Still water (non-carbonated) is OK for consumption.
  2. Remove the tube from its protective plastic wrapper. Dispose of the wrapper appropriately.
  3. With clean hands, twist and pull the tube to remove the swab from the clear container.
  4. Make sure not to touch any surface with the sterile tip.
  5. Press the swab against the inside of your cheek. Scrape, rub and rotate the surface for one minute. Apply firm pressue, you are collecting cheek cells, not saliva.
  6. Being careful not to touch the tip on your teeth, lips or any other surface, return the swab carefully into the tube and push closed. Place the tube into the plastic bag provided and reseal.
  7. Place your sealed sample into the box with the return address.
  8. Peel away the yellow tab and close the box, pushing gently to seal it. Mail the box to us as soon as possible.

Once you’ve sent your results off in the little white box, it can take a few weeks to get them back due to the nature of the test. I wanted this post to be more informational incase you were interested in trying one of the Chromozoom DNA Tests, and then I thought I could come back and write a couple of new paragraphs about the results once we get them back so bookmark this post if you’re interested in seeing what the results are like. For full disclosure, I wasn’t paid to write this post but I was gifted the kit so I could write about it on my blog.

In the meantime, you can purchase all six of the Chromozom tests over on their website.

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