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Guylian Belgian Classics Assortment

Guylian Belgian Classics Assortment

I am a serious chocoholic and consider it to be one of my very few vices in life. Everyone loves a fancy box of chocolates, but Guylian are one of my all time favourite chocolate brands and I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love Guylian chocolate. Their Original Seashells are they’re most popular collection, but they are so much more than just their Seashells and the Guylian Belgian Classics Assortment is the perfect collection of three of their most popular collections, all in one box for £6 to £8 depending on where you buy it from. 

Guylian Belgian Classics AssortmentGuylian Belgian Classics Assortment

Guylian’s La Trufflina truffles are little pieces of heaven with smooth milk chocolate truffle centers, topped off with chocolate shavings and presented in an elegant paper cup.

Guylian Belgian Classics Assortment

Chocolaterie Guylian was created in 1967 by Guy & Liliane who joined their names by passion for chocolate and love. They created for the first time chocolate in the shape of seashells.

Today, Guylian Original Sea Shells are still made with 100% pure cocoa butter and filled with the signature hazelnut praliné, made with roasted hazelnuts in copper kettles following the original recipe of the founders.

Guylian Belgian Classics Assortment

An luxurious assortment of Belgian Chocolate masterpieces, each named after a famous opera. Romeo & Juliet Gounod Original Praliné, Aida Verdi Smooth Truffle Toccata and Fugue Bach Original Praliné- Roasted Hazelnut Moonlight Sonata Beethoven Soft Caramel The Magic Flute Mozart Pear & Mango Ganache Manon Massenet Cappuccino Cream The Daughter of The Regiment Donizetti Truffle – Roasted Hazelnut Phantom of The Opera Puccini Crunchy Biscuit & Vanilla Cream.”

The Guylian Belgian Classics Assortment is divided into three sections, with eight Guylian La Trufflina, twenty Original Seashells and eight Guylian Opus. Everyone raves about the seashells but for me, my favourite Guylian variety has to be La Trufflina. They’re so overlooked from the brand, but they’re amazing and I love that they’re covered in flakes of chocolate, which is why they come with a plastic covering to keep the flakes in place.

If you haven’t tried the Original Seashells, you’ve been living under a shell as they’re seriously delicious. If you love pralines, you really need to try them as they’re to die for and Opus are so different to any of the other Guylian collections with lots of different flavours and textures. Another important thing to remember with Guylian, is that when you purchase one of their products, you are supporting Project Seahorse, an international Marine Conservation Organisation. Since 1998, Guylian have donated over 1.75 million Euros to the cause, which is another reason why they’re such a great brand and a great Christmas gift idea.

You can find the Guylian Belgian Classics Assortment in all major supermarkets, selected independent stores nationwide and online.