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JewelCandle Happy Birthday Ring Candle Review and REAL DIAMOND Reveal!

Back in December of 2013, you may recall me featuring the JewelCandle Cinnamon Bun Ring Candle here on the blog. I absolutely loved the concept and the candle itself, and the ring hidden inside my candle was incredible. After loving my very first JewelCandle Ring Candle, I was excited to try another.. this time I chose the Happy Birthday fragrance, which is said to smell like a caramel cupcake which is right up my street, as I love all foody fragrances. The JewelCandle Happy Birthday Ring Candle is £24.95* and you get a huge, beautifully scented candle that offers upto 120 hours of burning time.

JewelCandle Happy Birthday Ring Candle Review
Inside the JewelCandle Happy Birthday Ring Candle, you also receive a surprise sterling silver ring which is valued at anything between £10 and £250 which is amazing. You only discover your ring once the candle has burnt down enough for you to retrieve your foil wrapped surprise.. it’s such an exciting concept, and I couldn’t wait to burn mine.
Image of the pink coloured candle with a clear glass jar, with no lid

JewelCandle Happy Birthday Ring Candle Review

Image showing the diamond ring inside a foil packet within bright pink wax in a glass jar
The JewelCandle Happy Birthday Ring Candle is a gorgeous, pinky purple colour and the scent is seriously delicious.. it smells exactly like a caramel sponge cake. This particular candle would be perfect to give as a birthday present, or as an anytime gift for anyone that loves sweetly scented candles.
On the reverse of the candle, the foil packet can be seen inside the ring motif which is a cute touch and you can see how much of the candle you have to burn down before you can get your ring. The throw of this candle is so impressive as it’s really quite strong, but not overpoweringly so. It fills the lounge, and hall with its delicious scent and it actually makes me hungry as the scent is so realistic.. so I’d steer well clear of this particular scent if you’re currently on a diet.


Close up image showing the GENUINE diamond ring I found inside my JewelCandle Happy Birthday Ring Candle
It took only three hours before I was able to use my tweezers to carefully scoop out the foil package, and then once I’d cleaned off the soft wax I could unwrap the foil.. and I wasn’t expecting what I found.. a diamond ring. Now I know that the candles *could* contain a ring valued between £10 and £250, but never did I imagine them to put real diamonds into one of their rings. When I opened it and saw the stones, I knew instantly that it was a diamond from the unique rainbow sparkle that is identical to that of the diamond in my engagement ring, but my other half didn’t believe me.
Luckily for me, our neighbour is an accredited jeweller, so I asked him if he’d take a quick look at my ring and settle the argument and sure enough I was right.. the middle stone is a 0.60 carat diamond, and the arms of the ring have three rows of teeny, tiny diamond chips. The ring is so, so stunning although it’s very small as it’s a ‘K’ so I am going to pay to get it enlarged for my sausage fingers.
I didn’t ask how much he thought it would be worth as the price is irrelevant, I love it and that’s all that matters, and as you can imagine I’m very happy with my candle and beautiful ring. If you would like to purchase your very own JewelCandle Happy Birthday Ring Candle, I have a 10% promo code for you to use across the whole site: missmakeupmagpie10. If you do place an order, I would love to know what you chose 🙂

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