Red Candy T-Rex Dino Lamp

I’ve really enjoyed being able to blog about more varied topics since I rebranded back in 2017, so I no longer have to just blog about beauty products. Don’t get me wrong, beauty will always be my main love, but it’s so much fun being able to blog about other things. I have an obsession with dinosaurs which is something I don’t think I ever thought I’d mention here on my blog amongst posts about lipstick and perfume, but when I saw the Red Candy T-Rex Dino Lamp I knew it’d be a cute gift idea within my Christmas gift guide series.

Red Candy T-Rex Dino Lamp

Add some roaring style to any bedroom with this amazing Tyrannosaurus Rex night light from Disaster Designs!

The T-Rex Orange Dino Lamp is here to make boring table lamps extinct! This iconic prehistoric predator has been given a modern twist with its origami style finish, and is mains operated with a switch on the cable. However, much in contrast to its fearsome nature, this trendy T-Rex will introduce some gentle lighting to any bedroom (child or adult!)

This ROARsome dinosaur table light from Disaster Designs is guaranteed to be a hot talking point in any abode, and is ideal for any Jurassic Park fans and lovers of unusual design! It would also make a funky gift for any occasion!

Red Candy T-Rex Dino Lamp

I had never come across Red Candy before, but they’re a quirky homeware, kitchen accessories and gift store. They have the most amazing, unique product range with products you’d never imagine. Some of my favourite, most quirky examples include the Hamish the Cow Footstool (complete with horns), Cactus Jewellery Holder, and Butterfly Doormat.

Red Candy T-Rex Dino LampRed Candy T-Rex Dino Lamp

I know T-Rex shaped lamps aren’t for everyone, but I thought it was such a fun gift idea for dinosaur fans, especially as Red Candy offer different sizes and breeds of dinosaur in their lamp series. The Red Candy T-Rex Dino Lamp £29 is made from polyresin and has a mains plug attached. Many novelty lamps tend to have a battery compartment which is a nightmare as you just have to keep replacing batteries over and over.

The lamp comes with a flip switch, and the bulb inside the lamp is an energy efficient LED bulb, and as you can see, it gives the T-Rex the most amazing orange glow. The Red Candy T-Rex Dino Lamp has an height of 22cm, and with the tail it’s quite a lot bigger than I anticipated and the light it gives off is really impressive. It’s such a fun and unique lamp, and it looks so cute on my bedside table and I’m so tempted to buy the pink Stegosaurus one next as I love this T-Rex one so much.

You can check out the Red Candy website out right here.

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