Tweezerfile Tweezer Sharpener

8th December 2019

Tweezers are one of my favourite beauty tools and I practically have a pair in every handbag just incase I ever need to use them. My favourite brand for tweezers is Tweezerman although I recently discovered Rubis and I’ve been so impressed. As much as I love the Tweezerman tweezers, I find that they can become a little blunt quite quickly over time which is where the extremely genius Tweezerfile comes in.

Tweezerfile Tweezer Sharpener

Some brands offer free sharpening of tweezers but it’s such a faff to have to ship them off and then be without your tweezers whilst they’re being sharpened. The Tweezerfile is a super handy, portable tool that’s designed to sharpen any dull tweezers. It sounds like such a simple concept but it really does work and I’ve used it on some cheaper tweezers that perhaps weren’t ever upto the standards of say Tweezerman, but using the Tweezerfile tool, you can refresh your old and blunt tweezers.

Tweezerfile Tweezer Sharpener

How do you use the Tweezerfile?
“Hold the tweezerfile in one hand and grip it with your tweezer – Slide the tweezer up and down, gently applying equal pressure on the top and bottom blade – Admire how your tweezers are back to old glory gripping every single hair you’re after!”

Tweezerfile Tweezer Sharpener

It’s nice and small and essentially looks like a nail file, but it has a diamond plated stainless steel file plate offering the highest quality sharpening and is complimented by a handle which fits in the palm of your hand.

Tweezerfile Tweezer Sharpener

There are currently two colours available; Coral and Petrol Blue, and I have the Coral one which is nice and bright inside my makeup bag. What I like is, how portable it is and flat. It takes up very little room in my makeup bag but it’s not necessarily something you need to carry around with you once you’ve fully sharpened your tweezers. It’s amazing how the Tweezerfile has brought old tweezers of mine, back to life and for £19.99 I’d say it’s well worth it when you consider a pair of Tweezerman or Rubis Tweezers are £25-£30 so the file means your tweezers will last longer.

You can purchase the Tweezerfile over on their website.


Tweezerfile Tweezer Sharpener 1
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