Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat Review

16th January 2020

I posted about my nail care favourites here on my blog back in 2016. It’s almost four years old and many of the products I featured are still absolute favourites, but I have discovered some new favourites over the years so I think I should do a more updated post very soon. One of the products I raved about within my past post was the UNT Ready For Take off Peelable Base Coat. I’ve repurchased the UNT base coat at least three times and it was the best peel off base coat I’d ever tried, well that was until I tried the Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat

Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat Review

When writing beauty reviews, I always like to use a product for as long as possible so I can be more detailed but sometimes a product comes a long and it’s love at first try. I was’t even looking for a new peel off base coat as I was very happy with my UNT version but I bought the Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat as there was a 3 for 2 offer and I needed a third item and couldn’t decide which product to choose. The Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat is just £2.99 and the reviews on the Superdrug website aren’t the most complimentary so I didn’t have high hopes, but it’s so so good. 

Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat

Remove your favourite glitter and nail effect Nail Paints with Barry M’s NEW Peel It! Peel Off Basecoat. Ideal for those formulas that are tricky to budge. Simply apply a layer of basecoat and add your Nail Paint over the top. Once it’s time to remove, just peel back the polish!

Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat Review

Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat Review

The basecoat is something you apply before applying your coloured polish so it helps make removal a lot quicker. I like to change my polish regularly but nail polish remover is super harsh on the nails, so a peelable basecoat means I can apply whatever nail polish I want and remove it in seconds; even glitter polish. Glitter polish is a total faff to remove but I love how it looks on the nails but the Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat means glitter removal is no longer a mission.

It’s best applied in a generous layer to the nails, and I prefer to do two coats. The better the layer of the base coat, the better the removal process. Whenever I use a sheerer layer of the base coat, it then doesn’t peel off evenly and some parts can’t be removed by peeling at all. Another tip is to ensure you cap the tips as this also helps the polish to remove in one piece.

Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat Review

I can literally remove a whole hand’s worth of nail polish in under 30 minutes, and a quick hand wash helps to remove any remnants of the base coat. Consistency and appearance wise, it does look like a bottle of glue but it doesn’t smell like glue like the OPI Peel Off Base Coat does. After being so wowed by the Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat, I kept going back to my UNT Basecoat to check for similarities but the Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat is so much better and it’s under £3.

If you use any type of nail polish, you need this base coat in your life as it really is amazing as you don’t need to use nail polish remover to change your manicure. Also, although it’s a peel off basecoat, I’ve found that I haven’t had any nails just ‘pop’ off either, so the polish doesn’t just peel off for no reason like it does sometimes with the UNT version. I hope Barry M never discontinue this base coat, but I’ve got three as backups just in case as I love it that much.

Have you ever tried the Barry M Peel It Off Peel Off Basecoat?

Barry M Peel It Peel Off Basecoat Review 1
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