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Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle

Whenever I buy a beauty product, I generally always share it here on my blog once I’ve given it a good try so I can let you know my thoughts and if I’d recommend it. I am enjoying sharing more lifestyle content, so when I bought the Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle I wasn’t sure if I anyone would want to read about it so I wasn’t sure if I should blog about it.

However, before purchasing it, I did look online for blog reviews and I couldn’t find any UK reviews so I figured I should blog about it as it’s something I’m really glad I bought.

Image of the outer packaging, cardboard box showing the product in use and the directions

I’m a big fan of using heat therapy for relieving aches and pains, but I personally hate using a conventional hot water bottle. Mostly because I had an accident when I was little where a hot water bottle leaked and burnt my legs, so I’ve never really trusted them ever since.

I did buy an electric hot water bottle early this year which was really effective, but it was attached to a power cable so it was quite limited where you could use it, so I have been looking for an electric hot water bottle, which detaches from the power cable.

The hot water bottle I bought which had a cord, was the Sweet Dreams Heat Pad, and as it was corded I was really restricted. I get a lot of headaches, and earaches so I wanted a heat pad/hot water bottle which I could use easily for my face and head.

Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle Review

What is the Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle?

  • Warm yourself through and allow all of your aches and pains drift away with this electric hot water bottle
  • It fully charges in 12 minutes and can then last for 5-6 hours to allow you to stay warm all night on those long Winter evenings
  • There is a soft fleece cover which provides comfort when applying it to your body or when placing your hands inside the hand pouches
  • Available in different colours: Lilac or Pink

Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle Review

The Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle was £13 and I bought mine from Amazon in the purple colour. In all honesty I didn’t really care about the colour, but I chose the purple as it had free delivery whereas the pink one didn’t.

Inside the box you get your power cord, your hot water bottle and an instruction leaflet. What really appealed to me with the Bauer version, was that it was fully detachable but it had a quick heat up time, and lasted for a long time when it had been heated up.

Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle Review

The top of the hot water bottle has a white plastic circle with a Bauer twisting cap, which turns to allow you to access the charging point. Once you’ve heated the bottle up, you can close the cap so it’s super comfortable to use which I like.

The charging unit clips onto the three silver prongs, and there’s a LED bulb which turns red to let you know it’s charging, and the red light turns off once the hot water bottle has reached the top temperature and you just simply remove it from the hot water bottle and turn the cap to cover the metal prongs.

Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle

Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle Review

The Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle takes around 8-12 minutes to charge, and once it’s charged it’s said to stay hot for upto 5-6 hours. The temperature does fade over those 5-6 hours, and I’d say it only stays the maximum temperature for around two hours before it starts to cool down.

I like that it’s a relatively compact size, and as it’s cable-less you can use it wherever you want.

I’ve particularly enjoyed using it on my neck and shoulders to relieve tension, but it’s also been helpful for relieving IBS or menstrual cramps, back pain and also helping to reduce the pain of my plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis too.

For £13 I think it’s good for the price, and the fact you don’t have to worry about refilling with a kettle full of boiling hot water is a massive positive.

I’ve also used it on super cold nights to try and warm up when I have felt like I couldn’t get warm, and it does a really good job at warming up the bed.

I do wish it kept is temperature for longer, as a conventional hot water bottle does stay hot for longer, but the peace of mind of knowing I’m not going to scald myself is definitely worth it and I wouldn’t go back to a conventional hot water bottle again now.