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Best Places to Buy Blog Photo Backgrounds

If you own a blog, I can pretty much guarantee you’ve been stressed at least once about photo backgrounds. A nice background makes such a difference to blog photos, and when you’re photographing beauty products, you want the clearest of backgrounds possible. Since I started blogging seven years ago, I’ve tried lots of different backgrounds so today I’m sharing the best places to buy blog photo backgrounds.

best places to buy blog photo backgrounds

When I initially started blogging, you could only get professional photo backgrounds online from specific photo props websites. Times have most definitely changed, and there are lots of photo prop, photo background and photo booth type stores across the world. Sometimes buying in store is a little easier as you get a good idea of size, colour and texture. I’ve ordered backgrounds online before, only to realise it’s tiny and I miscalculated the dimensions entirely. To avoid any similar mistakes, you could try Googling photo booth rental Fort Worth or your local area to find your nearest photo booth company. Or hit up your local DIY store, for wallpaper samples or props within their homeware section.

My secret to super bright photos is down to using studio lights, alongside a huge piece of white acrylic. It’s relatively inexpensive and you can get really thin, or really thick pieces depending on your preference. They reflect the light perfectly, but they’re easy to wipe down as they’re essentially plastic. If I get any makeup on mine, it takes minutes to wipe down and dry with a tissue. I’m not into the whole cluttered aesthetic, so plain works well for me and I feel like the focus is just on the products I’m reviewing.

Best Places to Buy Blog Photo Backgrounds

My second favourite type of photo background would have to be a roll up photo board. I have seven stiff photo boards which I like, but you can’t beat the convenience of a roll up version. You can just roll it up into the tube and store it away, which isn’t so easy with 60cm x 60cm fragile photo boards. I like wood effect backgrounds as its simple, yet effective and the brighter the white, the better in my opinion.

A lot of bloggers utilise wallpaper samples but I’m just not a fan. They crease easily, they tend to be flimsy and I’ve never liked how they look in my photos. Instead, I’ve bought rolls of wallpaper, so I can use as much or as little as I want but you can also create a DIY Photo background by glueing a big piece of wallpaper to a large piece of cardboard or fibre board.

If you like a material background like throws or cushions, Wilko, Matalan or Asda George are good options. But so is eBay, and if you’re prepared to wait for your item to arrive, you can find really great deals on eBay for helping to save money. Hopefully my ideas of the best places to buy blog photo backgrounds, help inspire you on how to elevate your blog photography game.