Five Coastal Scents Face Brushes You Need To Try

1st January 2020

Coastal Scents are known for their high quality makeup brushes, and their ability to create such affordable products. I have had a few Coastal Scents makeup brushes which I ordered after I placed my Shadow Pot order, and they’ve really impressed me in terms of quality, and also how well they wash and wear. I was kindly send a selection of Coastal Scents products to try, and I’ve already reviewed the Coastal Scents Lipsticks, but today I’m sharing five Coastal Scents face brushes you need to try.

Five Coastal Scents Face Brushes You Need To Try

Coastal Scents have a massive selection of makeup brushes for the eyes, brows, face, cheeks and lips. They offer individual brushes as well as brush sets, alongside brush cleaner too. I’ve never tried one of their brush sets but I have a couple to feature on my blog in the coming weeks, but there are currently 48 Coastal Scents face brushes, and 63 Coastal Scents eye brushes which is an incredible selection. The five brushes I have to show you all have black, matte wooden handles and silver ferrules which looks very sleek.

Five Coastal Scents Face Brushes You Need To Try

Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush $7

The Bionic Flat Top Buffer is perfect for buffing in foundation, blending in powders, and applying bronzer. The durable, dense bristles offer excellent control and a full coverage application.”

Flat top foundation brushes tend to be the priciest brush a brand has to offer, due to how many bristles are needed to create a dense, flat topped brush head. I chose this brush as I thought it would work well for blending foundation, but also for body makeup too. The brush is weighty and just as effective as the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki, but this Coastal Scents version is obviously, considerably more affordable. 

Five Coastal Scents Face Brushes You Need To Try

Coastal Scents Classic Buffer Brush $7

The Classic Buffer Small is specially crafted to buff and blend foundation, blush, or bronzer. The short and dense, synthetic bristles are ideal for a precise application around the eyes and nose, and offers full coverage control for a polished finish.

I really liked the look of this brush as it was nice and small, but the rounded brush head looked like it would work well at effectively blending liquid products. The smaller size makes it good for applying concealer under the eyes, or blending in cream bronzer. It’s a synthetic brush, but the bristles feel as if they’re natural, but it’s a really versatile brush to own.

Five Coastal Scents Face Brushes You Need To Try

Coastal Scents Classic Blush Angle Brush $5

Accentuate bone structure with our Classic Angled Blush Brush. This large, synthetic bristled brush is ideal for adding a healthy glow to your cheeks, by applying a sweep of powdered blush or bronzer

This brush is similar to the one above, but I still had to include it within my five Coastal Scents face makeup brushes you need to try round up. The brush is just as dense as the Classic Buffer brush, except this brush has a subtle angled design. The angled design lends itself well for applying powder blush or bronzer, or for applying loose powder for baking too. It’s such a great brush for only $5, and it really reminds me of the Louise Young LY52 Brush which is over £20.

Five Coastal Scents Face Brushes You Need To Try

Coastal Scents Classic Stippling Brush $5

The Classic Stippling Small Synthetic brush is specially designed to generate a flawless, airbrushed finish. The soft, duo fibre synthetic bristles create high-definition results with powder or liquid foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Ideal for a sheer, lightweight application.”

I’m a massive fan of duo fibre brushes as they’re so versatile, but they tend to be more affordable too. I chose two different duo fibre brushes within my top five, and this brush is short and stubby compared to most duo fibre makeup brushes. My favourite way to use this brush is applying cream blush, bronzer or highlighter. It’s so soft and flexible, so you don’t have to worry about applying too much and it works well with powder products too.

Five Coastal Scents Face Brushes You Need To Try

Coastal Scents Classic Round Duo Fibre Brush $7

This is the ideal brush for achieving natural looking results. The duo fibre synthetic bristles evenly disperse any powder or liquid blush and bronzer creating a lightweight, streak free application.”

If you like to use a duo fibre brush for applying your concealer or foundation, this brush is ideal. It’s larger than the last brush, and the brush head is rounded whereas the above brush has more of a flat top in comparison. You can use this brush for almost anything, and it’s my current go-to brush for blending concealer as I find duo fibre brushes to be a little more forgiving on my dry skin when applying my base products. It’s also perfect for dusting away your powder after baking, or dusting away any fall out or glitter. 

So these are my top five favourite Coastal Scents face brushes. You can find them all over on the Coastal Scents website.

Five Coastal Scents Face Brushes You Need To Try 1
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