Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

9th January 2020

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

I’m loving being able to talk about more lifestyle stuff on my blog, and today I have a product which is just perfect for those of us that have health related New Year’s resolutions and goals. From a blogger’s perspective, my inbox is full of emails focusing on fresh starts and health kicks. You don’t have to join a gym or adopt a healthy eating regime for a health kick, and the Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed is one of the most exciting gadgets I’ve ever tried and I couldn’t wait to do a review on it after testing it for just under a month.

I’ve never tried anything from Gtech before, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the brand and their high tech gadgets. So I was really excited The Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed £299.99, especially after reading all about it on their website. This is going to be a super long post as I want to make sure I cover everything I need to, as there aren’t many reviews online for the Massage Bed so hopefully this helps anyone that’s been looking into the bed but were unsure if it was worth a try. 

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed ReviewGtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

What is the Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed?

Nick Grey (the inventor and founder of award winning home technology specialists Gtech, designed the MYO Touch after struggling with his own back pain for years. He found that the more stressed he was, the worse his lower back become. His back pain began to effect the things he loved, and he would take a whilst to stand up straight after sitting down and also lock up at various points during the day. He spent years having massages and visiting physiotherapists, but he found the relief was always short lived, and visiting a masseuse every week isn’t sustainable for anyone.

The MYO Touch was designed by Nick as a way to help loosen and flex his back, but to give him time to reflect, gather his thoughts and relax – all at the same time. The MYO Touch offers an at home massage every day of the week, and gives you the chance to take control of your pain as you can use it whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. Its main aim to relieve aches and pain, but it also enables you to take 15 minutes everyday relaxing and unwinding. 

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

In a nutshell, the Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed is an automated massaging bed. Underneath a comfortable contoured bed is a powered robotic massage roller that seamlessly glides along a track. The intensity of the massage can be personalised from so light you can barely feel its touch to deeply invigorating. You can simply lie back and enjoy a full-length massage or target problem areas such as your back, arms or legs.

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

What is included within the box?

  • Massage bed
  • Track sections
  • Green track pegs (stored on the tracks)
  • Foam massage roller
  • Massage unit
  • Power supply and switch
  • Operating manual
  • Usage tips guide

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

The massage bed comes in a large box, with the individual pieces inside individual cardboard boxes alongside two manual booklets. One of the booklets is black and white and talks you through how to assembly the track, massage unit and bed. Inside the booklet it also talks you through the tension adjustment so you can alter the pressure of the foam roller. There is also a pull string on the bed which allows you to increase the tension of the canvas, which means you can pull it taut for heavier weights to allow the roller to move freely. To reduce the tension of the canvas, you pull the string upwards from locking notch and release it to the desired tightness.

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

Gtech MYO Touch Usage Tips Guide

I really like that the bed comes with a 27-page guide with tips on how to get the most out of the functions. It’s a full coloured guide and even includes beginner’s tips to mindfulness, which Nick recommends trying whilst using the bed for maximum relaxation benefits. My personal favourite part of the guide is the section on ‘trigger point massages’ with a diagram sharing all the trigger points on the body. There’re tips on how to create a DIY home spa, breathing techniques, visualisation, stretching guide and a MYO Touch muscle group guide. 

Trigger Point Massages

There’s a section sharing that trigger point massages being a technique that looks at the body as a whole, rather than just at a specific site of pain. The MYO Touch has been designed to offer targeted massages that work on focus areas, as well as full body treatments. The idea behind this type of muscle therapy is that it finds explanations for localise pain by looking at the entire body – for example, knee pain may actually be caused by a knotted muscle in the upper back, rather than something in the knee itself for example. 

Trigger points themselves are areas of muscle that are locked up or excessively right leading to pain and discomfort in various areas of the body. These points can be the result of injury, health conditions and emotions, such as stress and anxiety. General trigger point massages work to warm up the body before focusing on a targeted point that is believed to contain the ‘trigger’. Similarly, the MYO Touch can be used for a full body massage before upping the pressure on a focus area.

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

MYO Touch Muscle Group Guide

The massage bed lets you tailor your experience to whatever your body needs each day, from full length to focused massages. It’s been designed to offer seven types of massage, each working different muscle groups. You can adjust the focus area by moving the track pegs, and can easily increase or decrease the pressure each time. Mix it up – start your week off with a deeper treatment on your back and opt for a gentle leg massage after a day of exercising. 

There’s a diagram of the back of a body which is divided into sections A-G, as well as diagrams showing the massage bed in use for each of seven types of massages. The MYO Touch comes with two little green pegs that can be used to target the massage. If you need to change the pressure of the massage, you can use the adjustment handle or change your position to deepen the massage. Gtech recommend starting off with a very soft pressure and building up from there, and if you ever experience any discomfort, you need to stop the massage.:

  • A – Upper back and deltoids – Focus the MYO Touch on your shoulders and allow yourself to relax into the massage. This is perfect for melting away those everyday stresses and will leave you feeling limber.
  • B – Dorso – Choose the pressure you need and focus the roller on your mid-back. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time sat down at work, this will help you unwind from the stresses of the day.
  • C – Erector spine – Lie on your back and bend on one knee across the other straightening leg. Cross the opposite arm across your body, reaching your shoulder. You can twist your head in the direction of your bent arm if it feels good. 
  • D – Obliques – Backs are one of the most common areas that are often in need of some TLC. The roller will work to massage out those kinks and knots, ideal for those with postural issues. Gtech recommend targeting this area for around five minutes per fifteen-minute session.
  • E – Glutes and hamstrings – Focus the roller on your hamstring and choose a pressure that works best for you. This feels great after a workout and helps remove lactic acid build up, speeding up recovery.
  • F – Quads (sides) – Lie on each side in turn to work on your quads. The massage roller will move, easing tension as it goes – perfect for those post workout sessions. Use a pillow for additional support. 
  • G – Calves – Lower legs can get stiff and cramped, especially if you spend lots of time walking each day. Soothe your muscles with a gentle massage, or go for something more invigorating to energise your body. 

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

On the Gtech website there’s some really great videos and visual guides which make setting the bed up, and utilising the different massage routine very simple and easy. They even have some therapeutic music to make the massage even more enjoyable. I thought the bed was going to be super complicated to get to grips with, but Gtech make it so much more simple with their easy-to-follow guides.

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed ReviewGtech MYO Touch Massage Bed ReviewGtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

The bed frame has a soft canvas material covering that supports the body, with a dipped foot well that keeps you in optimum position for relaxing and invigorating massages. It’s easy to build, use and disassemble – you simply fit the three piece track together, slot the foam roller into place and then line the lightweight bed on top. It’s fully adjustable for your needs, so you can adjust the canvas tension, the roller pressure and track pegs for a gentle or deeper massage for a full body experience or specific focus area.

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

The automated foam roller has been designed to offer a variety of massages, smoothly and rhythmically pressing against your body through the canvas. I like that they’ve given the bed a 15 minute cut out feature, and they recommend anyone with pre-existing medical conditions, checking with their doctor before using the bed to ensure you put safety first. 

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

The box the Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed comes in, is pretty huge, so I was a little worried the actual bed would be massive and difficult to store. However, the outer box is only huge because the individual pieces are individually boxed to keep them safe in transit. The bed folds up like a deck chair, meaning it takes up very little room and you detach the robot section which you can store separately. It takes no more than two minutes to set up or put away, and it really is simple once you know where to put things to put it together. 

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

I’ve never been able to use the foam rollers which you put on the floor and roll against, as I’ve always found them to be painful and uncomfortable to use, so I was worried I’d have the same sort of experience with the MYO Touch Massage Bed. The fact that you can alter the canvas tension and roller pressure, gives you full control on how deep a massage you’re given and the pegs allow you to choose which parts of your body are massaged. If for example you have a problem area you don’t want to touch like issues in your neck or hip, you can just utilise the pegs to control where the massage can and can’t happen. You can move the pegs very easily, and they just slide into the tracks.

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

The power supply plugs into the wall, and needs to be plugged in at all times. There’s no wireless function, but the power cord is 2m in length so it gives you enough length to position the bed wherever you prefer. The robot is powered by one switch which you can just flick on or off, and that’s all you have to worry about once you’re laying on the bed having your massage.

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

It couldn’t be more simple, and whilst it doesn’t come with a pillow, I’ve found using one of my own makes the experience a little more comfortable. It does an incredible job at massaging the body, and the fifteen minute cut off really helps as you can’t overdo it especially as you get used to the functions. My favourite way to use it is on the upper back and deltoids, as that’s where I hold the most of my tension which can get very painful but the MYO Touch relieves tension, pain and stiffness. My OH has particularly enjoyed using the bed post workout or run, as he does a lot of sport and the massage bed helps to reduce cramping, stiffness and lactic acid build up. £300 is a pricey investment, but when you consider a full body massage can cost from £75 to £150 depending on where you go, the cost of the bed becomes very good value in just a few massages.

Plus being able to have one whenever you want, without having to strip off in a spa is definitely a positive for me as I’ve always been very self conscious. However that’s not the case with the Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed, as you can use it day or night whenever you need to without having to make appointments around work and life commitments. It’s a fantastic device, and would be the perfect accompaniment to any new year fitness regimes you may have initiated for 2020. 

You can purchase the Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed right here.

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