Makeup Obsession Isn’t It Peachy Palette Review and Swatches

Makeup Obsession are one of the Revolution brands just like Revolution Pro and I Heart Revolution. I have never been that bothered by Makeup Obsession since their launch, although I did buy one of their DIY palettes where you purchase the empty plastic palette, and then the individual shadows to put inside your palette. The quality wasn’t great so it put me off trying anything else for a long time. I did a Boots order and decided to add a couple of Makeup Obsession products to see if the quality had changed, including the Makeup Obsession Isn’t It Peachy Palette.

Makeup Obsession Isn't It Peachy Palette Review and Swatches

The Makeup Obsession Isn’t It Peachy Palette is £6 and is one of three different powder blush palettes Makeup Obsession have to offer. Alongside the Isn’t It Peachy Palette there is also the Pinky Promise Palette and Mad About Mauve Palette. I chose the peach version of the palette as peach blushes are my favourite, but the Mad About Mauve Palette was sold out otherwise I’d have bought that one too. 

Makeup Obsession Isn't It Peachy Palette Review and Swatches

The Makeup Obsession Isn’t It Peachy Palette comes packaged within a cardboard palette, with a cardboard box. There’s no mirror in the lid, and no plastic like the usual Revolution Blush Palettes but in all honesty I’d prefer a mirror.

The Revolution Blush Goddess Palette for example is £6 but it contains eight blushes in sturdy plastic packaging. This cardboard packaging feels quite cheap in comparison and you’re getting half the amount of product for the same price. 

Makeup Obsession Isn't It Peachy Palette Review and Swatches

Makeup Obsession market their blush and eyeshadow palettes as offering removable pans, but I don’t personally get that concept. Sure removing pans and customising a palette is a great concept, however the pans aren’t labelled so once you’ve removed them from the palette, you won’t know which shade is which. The palette does have names underneath each shade in raised silver foil. 

The Makeup Obsession Isn’t It Peachy Palette contains four peachy toned shades. Glimmer is a marbelised shimmery peach, Daydream is an almost muted neon coral matte, Hint is a deep, bright orange matte and Bloom is a peachy coral matte.

The shades really are pretty if you love a peach blush, but weirdly Hint and Bloom translate a lot deeper on the skin than they look in the pan which hopefully you can see in the swatches above. Don’t get me wrong, both versions are very pretty but they’re both a little too bold for my personal taste.

Makeup Obsession Isn't It Peachy Palette Review and Swatches

I don’t personally get the Makeup Obsession brand. None of their products are unique, and I don’t feel it offers anything different to the main Revolution brand. With Revolution Pro you do get more luxurious packaging, and some of the formulas are slightly superior to their main range. I Heart Revolution is all about the cute with their packaging, shade names and branding but Makeup Obsession is a strange one.

Whenever I’ve been in Boots, the Makeup Obsession stand is always well stocked with nobody anywhere near the stand. I still have a couple of products to share which I bought at the same time as this blush palette, but I don’t think I’d buy anything else from the brand going forward especially as their products aren’t available in Superdrug. For £6 it’s still a lovely blush palette, but I’d rather spend £6 on a Revolution Blush Palette and get eight shades in sturdier packaging. 

You can purchase the Makeup Obsession Isn’t It Peachy Palette over on Boots.

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