Revolution Blusher Reloaded Review and Swatches

2nd January 2020

Revolution has an insane amount of eyeshadow palettes and highlighters, but the products they were most definitely lacking was a blusher collection. They used to have the Makeup Revolution Matte Blusher Collection which were discontinued and I have absolutely no idea why. They were bloody good blushes, so I don’t know why they’d discontinue them and not replace them with anything new for years. Sure they have many, many blush palettes, but the average makeup user might not want a palette packed with shades and would prefer one or two individual blushes. Well Revolution finally created the Revolution Blusher Reloaded collection this year, and I couldn’t wait to try one.

Revolution Blusher Reloaded Review and Swatches in Peaches and Cream

The Revolution Blusher Reloaded collection consists of twelve pressed sheer velvet powder blushers. Revolution have really maximised on the whole ‘reloaded’ concept with eyeshadow palettes, blushes, bronzers, makeup brushes, highlighters and gift sets. The Blusher Reloaded Powder Blushes are £4 each, and they contain 7.5 grams of product which is generous for a powder blusher.

Revolution Blusher Reloaded Review and Swatches in Peaches and Cream

I am not a fan of the packaging unfortunately. It’s unnecessarily bulky, and takes up too much room as the lid is almost 2cm’s higher than the blush pan. It’s packaged within a circular chunky plastic compact, with a clear lid and a rose gold border. Their old blush collection was much more compact, and more sleek but I feel like these new compacts look quite cheap as the rose gold gets scratched.

Revolution Blusher Reloaded Review and Swatches in Peaches and Cream

\”Welcome to The Revolution Blush Bar! Featuring a complete menu of 12 pressed sheer velvet powder blushers, you’ll be sure to get a taste for your next signature blush crush… or why not dabble in something new? With pastel petal pink formula, Peaches and Cream blends smoothly into the cheeks for a sheer, brightening lift to the complexion.”

Discover our full Blush Bar:

    • Pink Lady
    • Peach Bliss
    • Baked Peach
    • Coral Dream
    • Peaches & Cream
    • Pop My Cherry
    • Ballerina
    • Lovestruck
    • Rhubarb & Custard
    • Rose Kiss
    • Sweet Pea
    • Violet Love

Revolution Blusher Reloaded Review and Swatches

Revolution Blusher Reloaded Review and Swatches in Peaches and Cream

I chose the Revolution Blusher Reloaded in Peaches & Cream as it was one of the palest shades within the whole range, and it gave me 112 vibes. Peaches and Cream is a pale peach and I think it’s the perfect peachy toned blush for pale skin. It does feel quite velvety in the pan, but it’s powdery and you can see how powdery it is in the swatch as the excess powder is gathering in the lines on the back of my hand. When applied with a fluffy blush brush, it is less powdery but I wish it looked as silky on the skin as it feels in the pan. It is a pretty blush, but in my opinion I prefer the ELF Matte Blush Duo formula and you get two shades for £5.

You can purchase the Blusher Reloaded Collection right here.

Revolution Blusher Reloaded Review and Swatches 1
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