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UCANBE Lock Color In Liquid Eyeliner

Today’s another AliExpress find and it’s possibly one of the best budget beauty finds I’ve ever found and it’s a staggering £1.11. I was placing my UCANBE order through the Official UCANBE AliExpress Store, and I needed to spend another pound to get £2.50 off my order, so I tried to find the cheapest thing they had on offer. It was the UCANBE Lock Color In Liquid Eyeliner and I didn’t hold very much hope but as it was technically free, it wouldn’t have bothered me too much if it did turn out to be a disappointment. 

UCANBE Lock Color In Liquid Eyeliner

UCANBE are a well known beauty brand on AliExpress, but they’re a registered beauty brand that doesn’t create fake or counterfeit items. In fact, UCANBE create a lot of unique products like this liner, which is why I wanted to give it a try. It is only available in one colour – Black, and it had a rating of 4.8/5 from 144 reviews so I knew there was a chance it might be okay.

UCANBE Lock Color In Liquid Eyeliner UCANBE Lock Color In Liquid Eyeliner

The UCANBE Lock Color In Liquid Eyeliner is your typical liquid liner pen, with black plastic packaging with a pretty rose gold foil swirl pattern. The nib really caught my eye as it looked a little unique to the usual felt tip liners, and I liked how fine and precise it looked. I love using liquid liner along my lash lines to give the illusion of thicker lashes, and don’t always want to do winged liner, so precise nibs really appeal to me as they’re easy to apply along the lash line. 

UCANBE Lock Color In Liquid Eyeliner

How amazing are these swatches?! I can’t believe the UCANBE Lock Color In Liquid Eyeliner is only £1.11 for pigmentation as rich as this, and it’s fully opaque without ever needing to go over your lines like I have to do with many more expensive eyeliners. The nib is very flexible which enables you to draw a super fine line, or you can create a bolder, thicker line by pressing down firmer on the nib.

The liner has a very matte finish and dries down quickly, with no smudging, flaking or fading throughout the day. There’s no drugstore brand with an eyeliner as good as this, and it’s so exciting that it’s only £1.24. The next best liner to this would be the Revolution Renaissance Flick Eyeliner but that’s £5 so it’s a no brainer in my opinion. The pen even has a firm click once the lid is closed properly to ensure the lid is always fully closed and prevent it from drying out. I’m mind blown! It’s BETTER than any highend eyeliner I’ve tried, and if you read my blog regularly, it’s not something I’d say lightly.

You can purchase the UCANBE Lock Color In Liquid Eyeliner from the Official UCANBE Store right here, with free UK shipping.

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