Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin

I featured the very lovely Mermaid Gin here on my blog, back in November and it was the prettiest looking gin I’d ever seen and it not only looked good, but once I’d opened it, it tasted good too and everyone that tried it over the Christmas period absolutely loved it. The original Mermaid Gin has the most amazing teal, ombré bottle and today I’d like to introduce you to the Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin.

Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin

If you have anyone to buy for, for any occasion throughout the year, both the original Mermaid Gin and Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin would make such amazing gifts. They’re so beautiful, and so special to the average bottle of gin you can just pick up off the shelf in your local supermarket. The Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl is available from Marks and Spencer, and Master of Malt for £40.

Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink GinIsle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin

Aromatic and refreshing, Mermaid Pink Gin infuses the flavour of fresh Island strawberries with the smooth yet complex taste of our award-winning Mermaid Gin, a blend of lemon zest, grains of paradise and fragrant rock samphire. Perfectly balanced, subtle yet vibrant, less sweet than most pink gins with no added sugar.

Fresh Island strawberries, grown in the rich and fertile microclimate of the Arreton valley, are steeped in our signature smooth gin for four days, before being redistilled to create Mermaid Pink Gin, with its intensely aromatic, fresh flavour. Infusing fresh sun-kissed strawberries with our smooth yet complex gin creates a refreshingly layered serve, with a hint of sea air from fragrant rock samphire.

Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin

Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin

  • Style – Smooth, refreshing and complex with a rosy hue and contemporary style
  • Nose – Aromatic strawberry, fresh citrus, gentle juniper
  • Taste – Vibrant strawberry with a warm spice and a hint of sea air
  • Finish – Long, layered and complex with a well-rounded mouth feel
  • Serving Suggestion – Mermaid Pink Gin & Tonic

Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin

The Mermaid Pink Gin is packaged in plastic-free packaging, as credited by A Plastic Planet and features a compostable tamper-proof seal, with biodegradable labels and a rustic looking, natural cork stopper. The stopper features the brand’s Mermaid logo in gold, and it looks stunning as does the pearlised, white clam shaped label around the neck of the bottle. By presenting their gin in a plastic-free package and supporting marine conservation projects, the brand aims to preserve the environment of mermaids.

Mermaid GinIsle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin

It’s obviously what’s inside that counts, but have you ever seen such a beautiful bottle for a spirit before? The Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin has a gorgeous pink to red ombré colour, with a raised layered scale effect to the bottle so it looks like a mermaid’s tail. I thought the original teal version couldn’t be beaten in terms of looks, but the Mermaid Pink Gin’s pink bottle is just stunning (I included a shot of both bottles so you can see how beautiful they both are). I have reused my blue bottle, and I’ll be doing the same with this bottle too, as it’s way too pretty to recycle.

I thought I didn’t like gin for a very long time, but I discovered it was actually the tonic I didn’t like, and it’s been a total game changer and opened up a whole world of gins, but I honestly don’t think you’ll find a nicer gin than the Mermaid Pink Gin – it’s truly divine.

I think the Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin would be the perfect summer drink, poured over ice and strawberries with a little tonic or lemonade depending on your preference. If you’re yet to find a gin you like or you find gin to be quite bitter, you have to try the Mermaid Pink Gin as the strawberries make it fruity and sweet, and it’s amazing with lemonade as it complements the citrus notes of the organic lemon zest within the gin very well.

You can find the Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Pink Gin right here.

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