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Lust List Spring 2020

It feels like ages since I last posted a wishlist on my blog. I don’t know why it’s been such a long time, as I used to post them regularly, so I decided it was most definitely time for me to post another one. There are so many things I’m lusting after right now, so I had to whittle it down a little otherwise this post would be way too long so keep on reading if you’d like to see which items are on my wishlist right now.

Lust List Spring 2020

ghd Helios Professional Hair Dryer  – I’ve had my current hair dryer for five years now, and whilst it’s definitely served me well, I’m definitely in need of an upgrade. ghd have just launched a brand new hair dryer, and it sounds amazing. I really want one of the Dyson hair dryers, but the £300 price tag massively puts me off.

The ghd hair dryer is half the price, but it still sounds like an incredible tool – with an innovative brushless motor for consistent 75mph (120.7 km/h) airflow, alongside proprietary Aeroprecis technology for targeted styling and maximum control. It also comes in four colours, and I’m loving the plum and rose gold colourway. 

Apple MacBook Pro – I’ve featured a MacBook Air in previous lust lists, but I’ve never taken the plunge. I’m a big Apple fan. I have an iPhone XS Max, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini, so I know I like the software, and I’m currently using an HP laptop which is insanely old and slow now, and I’m expecting it to die any day now.

I have wanted a MacBook for such a long time, but I think I’m going to finally bite the bullet and make the purchase. I’ve revamped my office, with some new office storage and a new chair so I feel like a new MacBook would just complete my set up – or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway…

Gravity Blanket – This one is so random, but I really want a gravity blanket. I’ve never tried one before, and I don’t know if they work, but they sound so good. They’re quite pricey for decent quality ones, so it’s one of those things that I really want to finally buy but I’m worried I’ll get it, and be left disappointed. If you’ve never heard of a gravity blanket, they’re basically blankets filled with thousands of tiny little beads, or pellets to weigh the blanket down. 

They’ve been developed for the purpose of relieving stress and anxiety, and they’re said to provide the sensation of being hugged or embraced. They come in different weights too, and have so many supposed benefits such as that can helping with stress, anxiety and sleep disorders, as well as developmental disorders such as ADHD, Down syndrome, Asperger syndrome or Autism. I have crippling anxiety, and I’d love to see if a weighted gravity blanket could help me.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Dew Eau de Parfum – The Flowerbomb fragrance is one of my two absolute favourite fragrances, alongside Thierry Mugler Alien and I’m always excited whenever Viktor & Rolf launch a new fragrance. Flowerbomb Dew is their limited edition spring launch, and is said to be a more delicate and fresh spin on the original, which I feel will be perfect for everyday when I perhaps want a lighter fragrance.

Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil Infused Lip Oils – I have seen these lip oils everywhere, and I’m going to buy at least two shades. I love lip oils anyway, but the idea of a lip oil lip gloss just sounds amazing to me and there are so many pretty shades. I have three of the Bobbi Brown normal lip glosses, and the formula is so good, so I just know I’m going to love their lip oil version, and the shades Sweet Talk and In The Buff are on the top of my wishlist right now. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what’s on my current lust list..


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