O TWO O Liquid Blush Review / Swatches

It’s another Saturday, which can only mean one thing; another AliExpress beauty find, and this time it’s from the brand O.TWO.O. I’ve seen lots of YouTube videos about the O TWO O brand, but I’ve never tried any of their products before, so I knew I needed to try some this year as part of my year long AliExpress series. As far as AliExpress beauty brands go, O TWO O are one of the most luxe in terms of packaging. They don’t appear to copy packaging designs from higher brands like many other brands, and the first product I bought was the O TWO O Liquid Blush.

O TWO O Liquid Blush Review Swatches

O TWO O are one of a few AliExpress brands that have their own independent website, so you can purchase from their directly if you don’t want to use AliExpress. However, the prices are elevated on their direct website. For example, I paid £3.11 for the O TWO O Liquid Blush on AliExpress with free UK shipping, whereas the same blusher on their direct website is £9.95.

O TWO O Liquid Blush Review Swatches

The O TWO O Liquid Blush has the sleekest packaging I’ve ever seen on an AliExpress beauty product. It comes in a rose gold metallic box, with a frosted glass bottle, rose gold geometric collar on the bottle and black chunky lid/pump. It’s such lovely packaging, and it looks like it cost a lot more than the £3 it cost me. When purchasing from brands like O.TWO.O it really makes you realise how much brands must mark up their products, as the formulas aren’t always too dissimilar.

O TWO O Liquid Blush Review and Swatches

O TWO O Liquid Blush Review Swatches

The O TWO O Liquid Blush is available in four different shades, and I chose shade 02. Shade 01 Morning looks like a medium pink with a golden shimmer shift, 03 Orgasm is a bright watermelon pink and 04 Micro is a deep berry shade. I chose shade 02 Sunset as I can’t resist pretty peach and coral blushes, and it looked like my kind of shade. On the photos on AliExpress and O TWO O website, it looks like 02 Sunset is free from shimmer, but it does actually contain gold glitter. I don’t love the glitter, but it’s quite sparse so you can’t really notice it.

For a £3.11 liquid blusher, the formula has blown my mind with how crazily pigmented it is. The amount I have shown in the swatch above is genuinely enough for maybe twenty applications. A little goes an extremely long way, and the first time I tried the blush I had to redo my whole makeup as I went seriously overboard. You need like a pin-head sized amount per cheek as it’s very pigmented and opaque.

Once you’ve mastered the amount you need, I like to apply the product onto the back of my hand and then apply to the cheeks with my fingertips and it just looks so glowy, dewy and pretty. I love liquid and cream blush anyway, but it’s a beautiful formula. I do wish it wasn’t so pigmented as I’m always nervous when I apply it, but as long as you apply it to your hand first, and dab a few times before applying to the cheeks, you’ll get the perfect amount of product needed.

You can find the O TWO O Liquid Blush right here, from the seller I bought mine from with free UK shipping.

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