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VO5 Style Edit Vanilla Twist Hair Perfume

Hair perfume has become a thing in the last few years, and whilst I’m not entirely sure anyone needs a specific hair perfume, I still wanted to try a budget friendly version. I have tried the Byredo Hair Perfume in the past but that’s super pricey at £40 so I’ve been looking for a more affordable hair perfume, and I finally found one from VO5. I got the VO5 Style Edit Vanilla Twist Hair Perfume as a free gift when placing a Superdrug order, so I decided I needed to give it a try.

VO5 Style Edit Vanilla Twist Hair Perfume Review

The VO5 Style Edit Vanilla Twist Hair Perfume is £5.99 although VO5 permanently have a two products for £6 offer on at Superdrug so you can get this and then another product for a penny. There are three different hair perfume fragrances to choose from; Tropical Paradise, Rose Remix and Vanilla Twist. As it was a free gift, I didn’t get a chance to choose which scent I wanted but from reading the three scents, this is the one I would have chosen as I love anything vanilla scented.

Whether you need to use protection when things heat up, or keep things causal with re-work putty, let’s crack on and enjoy a hot summer together, as Love is in the hair. Specifically developed for adding fragrance to hair, Vanilla Twist Hair Perfume will leave your hair smelling like a classic warm vanilla with an exciting twist of floral mandarin.

Hair perfume is the perfect product to add to your morning routine because hair offers a large area to add a splash of beautiful fragrance which fans the sweet warm vanilla and zesty mandarin scent as you move The VO5 Style Edit Vanilla Twist Hair Perfume is quick and easy to use: just spritz the fresh fragrance onto dry hair from about 30cm away (that’s about half an arm’s length), and breathe in your refreshed, great smelling hair. You’ll never have to leave the house again without smelling freshly shampooed and beautiful.

VO5 Style Edit Vanilla Twist Hair Perfume Review

VO5 Style Edit Vanilla Twist Hair Perfume Benefits

  • VO5 Style Edit Vanilla Twist Hair Perfume leaves hair immediately refreshed and lightly scented
  • Vanilla Twist hair styling perfume infuses hair with delicious notes of sweet vanilla and zesty mandarin
  • VO5 hair perfume has been specifically designed for adding fragrance to hair
  • VO5 hair perfumes add long-lasting sweet fragrances to your hair
  • Fall in love with the sweet scent of Vanilla Twist
  • At VO5 we believe hair shouldn’t be dull, life shouldn’t be boring and you should never restrict your self-expression. We make hair cosmetics that make statements.

This VO5 Style Edit Vanilla Twist Hair Perfume’s first ingredient is alcohol and the reason why I don’t really understand the point of using an hair perfume. Using a spray laden with alcohol will dry the hair out even if it does make the hair smell better. Vanilla Twist does smell nice but I would personally prefer to just use one of my proper perfumes and spray it in the air, and walk through the mist in an old fashioned way. It’s not a product I could recommend as it feels like a bit of a pointless product, and the fact it was given as a free gift might show how unpopular it is.

You can purchase the Hair Perfume on Superdrug for £5.99.