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How To Look Your Best When Working From Home

With everything going on right now, there’s many of us that are now having to work from home, so I wanted to share some tips on how to look your best when working from home. I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks I’ve definitely enjoyed the extra time for more pampering and self care, and I”m trying to make the most out the ‘new normal’. It does take some getting used to, when transitioning from say working in an office to then having to work from home.

How To Look Your Best When Working From Home

Something I’ve found to be really beneficial, is to try to maintain some sort of set routine every day, as the structure definitely helps me to be more productive and I know that if I just lounge around in pyjamas all day, I’m just not going to get anything done. I recently bought a selection of fancier lounge wear sets that will still give me the much needed comfort whilst being at home, but they make me feel a little more put together than I would if I was wearing my pyjamas. We’re all obviously very different but if I wear pyjamas, I just want to sleep all day or binge on Netflix, but having specific work from home lounge wear has definitely helped get me in the right mindset. 

If you are doing your day job whilst being at home, there’s a chance you might be having to use video conferencing tools to communicate with your employer or colleagues. There’s a few memes going around right now where some people are wearing a fancy shirt or blouse on their top half as that’s the section that’s seen in a video call, and then wearing comfy jogging bottoms on your lower half with slippers.

Something that I’d really recommend adding to your work from home clothing wardrobe is some easy to throw on dresses. They look cute, but they’re quick to put on should you get a five-minute warning that you’ve got to jump on a conference call. My favourite style for work from home dresses are midi dresses as they’re easy to layer, they’re comfortable, and they’re such flattering dresses. There’s so many cute dress styles you can choose from with midi-style choices available from most retailers, and you’re guaranteed to find something you love.

How To Look Your Best When Working From Home 2

I love that working from home allows me to spend more time on my beauty routine, as it gives you extra time for face masks or say hair treatments. When working in an office, you can’t really slather on a coconut hair mask whilst at your desk, but at home you can obviously use whatever you want, whenever you want. I’ve really enjoyed applying more hand cream and foot cream throughout the day to keep my hands and feet looking their best, and my skin’s in a really nice condition as I’ve had more time for multi-masking. Ideas of things you could do to pamper yourself whilst working from home include;

  • Hair Masks – or leave on hair treatments and oils, that you can leave in your hair all day or overnight to work their magic.
  • Foot Peeling Masks – you don’t have to worry about the unsightly peeling stage, and they’ll help your feet look their best by the time sandal season arrives.
  • Cuticle Oil – perfect opportunity to apply cuticle oil to your hands in between hand washing sessions.
  • Face Masks – you can do multi-masking, applying different types of face masks to your different problem areas to pamper and treat your skin.
  • Body Butter – everyone hates hanging around after their shower waiting for their body lotion to absorb, especially when needing to get ready for work, but this extra time is ideal for allowing your body butter, body lotion or oils fully absorb. 
  • False Tan – the extra time could be perfect for an all over exfoliation session, before applying your favourite false tan to give your skin a beautiful glow. 
  • Yoga – you could utilise the extra time in the mornings to get in a yoga session before starting your day.
  • DIY Beauty – this is the perfect opportunity to practise some of the fab DIY beauty tutorials you’ve seen on Pinterest in the past. You could try making your own face masks, hair treatments or even your own bath bombs. 

 Being stuck at home is hard to get used to, but I love that I have more time for myself and I like that I can still dress up and make myself look good even if the only social interaction is now a video conference. 

I really hope you found these how to look your best when working from home tips helpful.


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