VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil

OK, who remembers the VO5 Hot Oil Treatments? They used to be so popular six to seven years ago, and they featured heavily in almost every beauty blogger’s beauty favourites blog posts and YouTube videos and I remember loving them. I don’t even know why I stopped using them, but they used to be little clear plastic tubes that you had to heat up in a mug of hot water, or under hot water to warm them up and then remove the twist off mechanism before applying to your hair pre-shampoo. These little oil treatments have changed names multiple times of the years, as well as their packaging but when I spotted the VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil treatments, I knew I had to give them a try as I wanted to know if they were still as good as I remember.

VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil

The VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil treatments are £4.39 which is around the same price that they used to be, and in the box you still get four individual weekly treatments.

Give your dry and damaged hair a boost of nourishment with this intensive, Coconut scented pre-wash treatment from VO5. Designed to restore healthy looking shine & softness while infusing an exotic coconut aroma, this hot oil has a non greasy finish & is suitable for coloured hair.

VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil

To help protect against the damage caused by heat styling and daily brushing, the VO5 hot oil penetrates deeply within the hair to:

  • Reduce breakage from brushing by up to 60%

  • Seek out & bind to the weak areas of every strand

  • Remove 75% more chlorine than shampooing alone

The VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil has very similar packaging to the original formula, except the individual tubes now don’t have the pesky twist off piece of plastic which I’m very happy about. Instead they now have screw off lids which is so much easier to remove in the shower with wet hands. The tubes still contain 15ml of product, and the oil used to be quite thick and gloopy in the tube before you put it in hot water, which would make the consistency a lot more runny.

VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil Review

VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil

This newer version is definitely thinner than it used to be, and once it’s been warmed up, it becomes even runnier but that’s a good thing as it makes the oil easier to evenly distribute over the hair. The oils have a lovely coconut scent, and you’re supposed to apply the oil on damp hair prior to shampoo, and then when the oil has been applied to the hair, you leave it for a minute before carrying on with your normal shampoo routine.

I find them easy to rinse out, and my shampoo removes any residual oil easily. It’s recommended that you use a treatment once a week, and I do really like how they leave my hair. I always like to use an hair oil in my hair when it’s damp as it helps to tame any frizziness, and they also quicken the drying time too.

VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil

When I apply oil whilst styling after using one of these treatments, my hair doesn’t look as shiny as it does normally so that’s the only downside for me, but my hair is super fine and becomes weighed down very easily. I don’t find them to be as amazing as they used to be, but I don’t know if that’s because there have been endless amounts of oils that have launched since these hot oils were so popular, so they’e not as impressive.

I bought two packs when I initially bought them, and will use them all up but it’s not something I’d repurchase as I have experimented with using normal hair oil, heated up before shampooing and it works exactly the same and if anything it’s more affordable that way instead of just buying four x 15ml treatments for nearly £5.

I’m glad I tried them again, and I would perhaps purchase them if my hair was particularly damaged, but I’d rather buy something like the pure Superdrug Coconut Oil as you get 125ml for £2.49 and you can use it on your skin too.

The VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil is available to purchase from Superdrug for £4.39.

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