W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette Review and Swatches

As a beauty blogger, I can imagine I’m quite boring as I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to colour. However, when I saw the W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette, I decided I needed to give it a try. When Huda Beauty launched their Neon Obsessions Palettes, I loved the look of the Neon Green Obsessions Palette but at £27, I just knew I wouldn’t wear the shades often enough to justify the purchase. 

W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette Review and Swatches

W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette

W7 are known for creating beauty dupes, way before Revolution were ever a thing. So when I saw that W7 had launched their Vivid Palette collection, which very, very obviously were copies of the Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Palettes, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try the green palette.

Something I wanted to quickly mention is the name of this palette. It’s the W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette, but on the front it says Fluorescent & Fabulous Pressed Pigments.

Seeing as the palette contains some neon shades, pressed pigment formulas are to be expected which generally aren’t labelled as being eye safe by beauty brands, but there’s no mention of that warning on the palette and I haven’t had any staining issues with my palette.

W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette Review and Swatches

In addition, the Neon Green Obsessions, Huda also launched the Neon Pink Obsessions and Neon Orange Obsessions Palettes too. So funnily enough, W7 have a version of the Pink and Orange palettes too.

Each of the W7 palettes are just £6.95 if you purchase them via the W7 website. I personally don’t buy my W7 products via their website, as you can often find them considerably cheaper elsewhere. I managed to buy my W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette for just £1.99 from Beauty Base.

W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette Review and Swatches

Get yourself some popping colour with W7’s Vivid Eyeshadow palettes!

Good things really do come in small packages with this super compact palette that really packs a vibrant punch. These palettes consist of 9 fluorescent and fabulous pressed pigments of duo-chrome shimmers and soft but powerful mattes!

Throwback to those leafy, palm tree days on the terrace with our Glowin’ Green colourway. Embrace those mood-lifting, summer brights with our Outrageous Orange colourway. Add a barbie pink, candy pop to your lids with our Punchy Pink colourway.

W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette Review and SwatchesW7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette Review and SwatchesW7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette Review and Swatches

So here are the swatches of the W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette. The matte shades in all honesty are awful. They’re very dry, dusty and severely lacking in pigment, so I’m very glad I only spent £1.99 on this palette. However, the sparkly shades are beautiful. They have more of an eyeshadow topper formula, without a pigmented base but with multicoloured sparkle. 

The sparkly shades really remind me of the Revolution x Alexis Stone The Transformation Palette, but the sparkly shades in the W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette are considerably better than the Revolution version. Plus this palette was £1.99, and the Alexis Stone Palette is £10 and you get more shades in this palette.

In the W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette, there are only three mattes – shade 1, 3 and 8. There’s two shimmer shades – shade 2 and 5, and the rest are eyeshadow topper shades. Although the topper shades are really beautiful, they need a lot of building up, and they create a hell of  a lot of sparkle fall out.

For £1.99 you can’t really complain, but I wouldn’t pay any more than that as the mattes are just pointless as they’re so lacking in pigment. I had to scrape my finger into the pans in order to get swatches which would show on camera, and they still barely show up. 

You can purchase the W7 Vivid Glowin Green Palette right here.

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