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DIY Home Manicure Essentials

Being in lockdown, means many of us have had to revert to DIY beauty treatments in lieu of being able to head to the salon or nail bar. I wanted to share some DIY home manicure essentials, which might help you to get your nails looking their best until you’re able to get them done professionally.

DIY Home Manicure Essentials

DIY Home Manicure Essentials

If you are used to getting your nails done regularly in a nail bar, you might be missing the ritual of getting your nails done but there are things you can do in the comfort of your own home to keep your nails looking great.

I really love getting my nails done, as you can’t beat gel nail polish for a salon worthy manicure that not only looks amazing, but it’s almost amazingly long lasting too. Whenever I have gel nails, I feel so much more confident about my hands and it’s so good to not have to worry about chipping or tip wear like you do with conventional nail polish.

DIY Home Manicure Essentials - Rubis Manicure Tools DIY Home Manicure Essentials - Rubis Manicure Tools DIY Home Manicure Essentials - Rubis Manicure Tools

If you’re going to do a DIY home manicure, you need some high quality nail tools. You’ll definitely need a pair of high quality nail scissors, and my recommendation is the Rubis Cuticle Scissors £23.50, which have super sharp blades for trimming any loose cuticles or hang nails. The blades are sharp enough for cutting nails too, and the Rubis Slant Tweezers £22.50 are great for cleaning your nails, or for plucking your brows. You can’t go wrong with Rubis, they’re very effective and a must-have in any DIY home manicure kit.

My Nailcare Favourites

No DIY home manicure kit would be complete without a good top coat and base coat. My personal favourite base coat is the UNT Peelable Base Coat for when I’m using conventional nail polish, and the Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat too. They’re the dream duo for making your nails last, and the peelable base coat means you don’t have to worry about using acetone polish remover which can be tough on the nails.

I really hope you found these DIY at home manicure tips helpful.