Making Style A Part Of Your Lifestyle, Not Just Your Fashion Sense!

Learning to be a stylish person isn’t just about the fashions of the day. It’s something that you’ve got to do to make it a part of who you are. We can all choose specific approaches to our fashion but they don’t burrow under the surface. If you want to be a stylish person, inside and out, what have you got to do to make it a part of who you are?

Making Style A Part Of Your Lifestyle, Not Just Your Fashion Sense!

Go Beyond The Clothes

While the clothes may be expensive, you’ve got to make your style a part of who you are through everything else- from the places you frequent to the cars you drive. And while you may think that getting a Mercedes is not in your budget, you can get a used Mercedes Benz and do it up to look like new. When it comes to being a stylish person, it’s not just about the fashions but it’s about making sure that everything we do becomes a logical extension of our style.

Don’t Forget To Instagram It!

Think about yourself as if you are a brand, and if you go back on your Instagram history thinking that it doesn’t really communicate to the masses a specific style, you have the power to control the past. Instagramming everything can be overkill but when you start to look back on your memories from a year ago and you aren’t particularly happy with how you were, you’ve now got the opportunity to start all over again.

Avoid The Bargains

We’ve got to start thinking of ourselves as a brand, rather than just treating ourselves when we fancy it. And most of us think that because something is cheap, then it is a steal. But if it doesn’t suit our style why are we buying it? It’s very easy to be won over by a discount, especially when it comes to designer pieces but do you really need to add that to your arsenal? Don’t be taken in by great deals because it could be a complete waste of money.

Making Style A Part Of Your Lifestyle, Not Just Your Fashion Sense!

The Inspiration Boards

Pinterest is a lifeline for so many of us and if we can start to craft our own image using other people as inspiration; this means that we will always be on-trend and never fall by the wayside. Using Pinterest as an inspiration board is essential these days and this means that when you start to craft your style, Pinterest can take you down interesting routes that you never considered before.

Don’t Just Look It, Be It!

Style is as much a frame of mind as it is what you wear and how you look. When you start to get inspired by others, think about what they do to keep themselves happy. Being stylish is exhausting but it’s about being true to who you are. When they say you should “dress for the job that you want, not what you have,” this should be a springboard to becoming the person that you want. When you start to change your frame of mind and become a different person this will mean a far more stylish version of you, inside and out. You shouldn’t just do it from the outside in!

I really hope you found these tips helpful!

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