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Nivea Intensive Hand Cream

My skin and hands have been so ridiculously dry this winter, and none of my hand creams in my collection are making a difference. I don’t know if it’s a knock-on effect from my major allergic reaction back in November, but I’m desperate to find an hand cream that will help with the dryness. My usual favourite hand cream is the Soap & Glory Hand Food, but that’s made zero difference the last couple of months, so I’ve bought a few new ones to try, including the Nivea Intensive Hand Cream £2.99.

Nivea Intensive Hand Cream

I know it’s a serious case of first world blogging problems, but I use the back of my hands for all makeup swatches for my blog, but the skin has been so dry that it’s started to peel. Swatching makeup on dry, peeling skin isn’t pleasant for anyone, so I’ve been on the hunt for the most intensive hand cream formulas I can find, to use alongside a gentle manual exfoliator in a bid to slough away dead, dry skin.

I’ve been using the Beautifully Nourished Acai and Goji Berry Microdermabrasion Scrub on my hands, and it’s worked wonders to remove the dry patches. The packaging is really nice for such a budget brand, with an upside down, navy plastic tube with a rubberised texture. The tube has a flip lid making it easy to squeeze out, and for £2.99 you get 100ml of product so it’s a really great price.

Nivea Intensive Hand Cream

“NIVEA Intensive Hand Cream, enriched with Almond Oil, provides superior performance and deep nourishment for your dry hands that lasts for 24 hours. The gentle formula leaves hands smooth and soft, offering the best of NIVEA, just for the hands.”

  •  Intensively Nourishes Dry Hands
  •  Rich Formula With Almond Oil
  •  Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier keeping your hands and cuticles smooth and soft

Nivea Intensive Hand Cream Review

Nivea Intensive Hand Cream

The Nivea Intensive Hand Cream has a thick and rich formula, which feels a little greasy when massaging it into the skin. The cream has a soapy scent which I don’t love, and it lingers until the next time I wash my hands. I’ve always been really scent sensitive so it probably wouldn’t be an issue for anyone else, but it’s something I knew I had to mention as I always like to know what hand creams smell like before making a purchase.

In terms of hydration, it’s a nice enough hand cream but I wouldn’t describe it as being intensive. It takes a little while to fully absorb, and whilst it is absorbing, the skin feels very soft and smooth. However once it’s fully penetrated into the skin, my hands don’t feel any different and I have to reapply after every hand wash.

I do have to consider that my other hand creams aren’t offering enough hydration either, so it’s most likely just my super dry skin, rather than the Nivea Intensive Hand Cream formula not being intensive enough. So I’ve decided to pop this one back into my collection for the Spring and Summer when I don’t need masses of hydration and keep looking for the perfect intensive hand cream – if it even exists.

You can find the Nivea Intensive Hand Cream right here.

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