Outfit Tips To Stay Comfortable At Home

Outfit Tips To Stay Comfortable At Home

When it comes to fashion, you might have different aims. If you’re going out, you want to look good and feel confident. However, when you’re at home, if you’re anything like me, you care more about wanting to feel good, and feel comfortable. Being comfortable puts you in a better mood and lets you feel more relaxed at home. Keeping that in mind, here are some outfit tips to help you stay as comfortable as possible when you’re inside all day. 

Loose and free

Wearing tight and restrictive clothing isn’t always that comfortable. You perhaps wouldn’t want to walk around your house in skinny jeans or a bodycon dress. Instead, opt for things that are more loose and free, as they’re generally a lot more comfortable. Thankfully, now the weather is getting warmer, many summer clothes are perfect for this, as they tend to be looser fitting, and have more breathable fabrics. 

Maxi dresses and maxi skirts are always a super comfortable option during the summer months, and as they’re looser, they can stop you from getting too warm, should you be working from inside. 

Slipper socks

When I’m working from home, I don’t like going barefoot, so I always like to have something on my feet. Slipper socks give you the convenience of wearing socks, but the comfort of slippers. Some have rubber grips on the sole which is always helpful if like me, you have wooden floors.

Slipper socks are usually pretty affordable, but you could take a look at something like the best clothes deals at Peacocks, to see if you can find even more affordable working from home, comfortable footwear options. If you’re working from home, you won’t want to wear shoes around the house, so I’m all about keeping my feet cosy and comfortable.


This is perhaps the only time when tight clothes actually feel comfortable. Activewear can be a saving grace at home as it makes you feel stylish and comfy. Plus, it can encourage you to be active and do a home workout or two. Even if you’re not exercising, then a pair of gym leggings or yoga leggings are super comfy. They can be used on those days when you want a bit of extra warmth as well. 

No accessories

I love wearing accessories, and changing up my accessories to match my outfit. However, when you’re working from home, you might want to skip your usual rings, piercings or bracelets and opt for a more comfortable less-is-more approach.

I personally don’t like wearing accessories when working from home, as they’re not always the most comfortable and it makes me feel a little bit fancier when I am able to leave the house. So I’m really looking forward to being able to wear my accessories again soon, when we’re able to get back to normality. 

If you’re at home, then you may as well feel as relaxed as possible! Much of this feeling comes from what you wear. With these tips, you’ll dress for comfort at all times. 

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