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Post-COVID Activities To Stop Lockdown From Killing Your Vibe

If you think that lockdown is tough, try being a lifestyle blogger! There’s not much to talk about when society is housebound! Thankfully, the idea of moving around freely is enough to prevent a panic attack.

Yes, imagining what you’ll do after the restrictions are eased is an excellent way to prevent quarantine from killing your vibe. Your post-COVID plans need to be pretty grand if they’re going to excite you into another Netflix bingeing session.

If you’re thinking small, it’s time to go big or… stay at home. Here are four things to anticipate in the not-too-distant future.

House Move

So, before the health crisis, the idea of moving houses wasn’t very high on your list. Sure, you’d love to upscale and expand the floor space, but the prices are too great. If you live in London, you can forget about it! Thankfully, the silver lining of COVID-19 is reduced property prices. To build a house is a reasonable expectation if you’re ready to commit. It’s worth noting that a house move will still cost a lot of money, yet it may be the only opportunity to enhance your lifestyle by securing the property of your dreams.

Post-COVID Activities To Stop Lockdown From Killing Your Vibe

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Typically, one to two weeks of the summer is spent on a beach somewhere in Europe where the living costs are low and the weather is reliable. A foreign holiday isn’t on the cards at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look forward to a staycation. After all, the UK is an incredibly diverse place, from the Lake and Peak districts in the north to the Southwest coastline that house seaside towns such as Cornwall and Torquay. The weather should be fine, the expense will be cheap, and you can relax without the fear of a global pandemic. Plus, your hands will be dry from the sun and not regularly washing them with soap.

What’s not to like?!


You may not be a fast-food superfan, but you must admit that the idea of a Big Mac and fries is pretty delicious. It’s the fact that it has been out of reach for so long that it makes the taste buds salivate. The good news is that McDonald’s is opening all it’s UK drive-thrus for customers. Burger King and KFC have already started, so there will be plenty of choices when they finally reopen. Parents – imagine being able to bribe your children with the prospect of a happy meal and McFlurry combo!

The News

No, not watching it – ignoring it! If this sounds a little shortsighted, please remember that the past ten weeks have revolved around watching people flouting rules while everyone panics about their loved ones. When the crisis is over, it will be amazing not to have to fret about what society previously took for granted. Not only because life is getting monotonous, but because cutting out stress triggers is a secure way to maintain your mental health.

What are you anticipating once the lockdown is finished?

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