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Stepping Out: Preparing Your Feet For Summer

The weather is hotting up, and we are heading into the summer months. For most of us, it’s time to think about our summer wardrobe and the dreaded open-toe sandals. As much as we love shoes that show off our tootsies, many of us ignore our feet all winter which can leave us with some serious maintenance work to do! 

Stepping Out Preparing Your Feet For Summer

Our feet get put through their paces every day. On average, a person will walk around 165,000 kilometres in their life, that’s a hell of a lot of pressure on your feet! Across the globe, people are taking for granted one of the most used parts of our body. Imagine if your feet gave up on you – how would your life be affected? 

We spend a long time taking care of the rest of our body, from our faces to our legs, yet we overlook our feet in so many ways. Once you start to have issues with your feet, you’re in trouble. It can be completely debilitating. Not only will you suffer from mobility issues, but this could cause psychological problems too. Imagine losing your independence. Your job. Or not being able to parent actively. Neglecting your feet could lead to depression and long-term issues that could affect the rest of your life. 

Across the world nearly a third of all musculoskeletal issues are due to the foot or ankle, this can include osteoarthritis and tendonitis. Some of this is related to illnesses such as diabetes, but many situations are through a lack of foot care. 

With that in mind, it’s time to pay more attention to your feet. Check them over regularly, rest them and take on some gentle stretches. Always make sure you warm up your ankles before the day. Once you’ve got that nailed, you’ll feel like you are walking on air. 

Stepping Out Preparing Your Feet For Summer

Some simple ways to look after our feet are to check them over regularly for any new lumps and bumps. We can do this while giving them a weekly pedicure which will also give us beautiful looking toes and feet, making them summer-ready. 

Start with exfoliating. A straightforward self-care method to help remove dead skin cells, or hardened skin. You can buy ready-made exfoliating scrubs that are great for your feet, often peppermint and sea salt is a good choice, or you could make your own using cinnamon, coconut oil and brown sugar. It’s as simple as mixing them all together, and you’re good to go. 

Before you exfoliate, you should soak your feet first. Add a cup of milk to four cups of warm water then sit back and relax for about 10 minutes while you soften up your skin. Remove your feet one at a time and take a walnut size amount of your scrub. Using slow circular motions, rub your feet from the toes up to the bottom of your calf. You can use the scrub on your legs too after you shower. Spend a couple of minutes on each foot and work the heel and the sides of your toes a little more. Once you are done, you could use a pumice stone if you need. Then rinse off in your water bath. 

This is a great time to inspect your feet for any medical conditions. If your nails are yellow, you could have a fungal toenail infection. Some remedies can help you cure this. If you find cracks that are sore between your toes, you may be suffering from athlete’s foot. Your doctor may subscribe you Canesten hydrocortisone cream which will have you on the mend nice and quickly! 

Once you have inspected your feet it’s time to soften them up, there are some lovely moisturizing creams designed explicitly for your hard-working feet. However, you can use plain coconut oil which is totally natural and very hydrating. Give yourself a little massage while you rub in your moisturizer to help relax your muscles and also help relax your mind too! 

Finally, it’s time to break out the pedicure kit. Our toenails can become dull after a winter stuck in socks and shoes, so brighten them up with a quick lick of nail polish. Be sure to prepare and trim them to the length you want. If you like a natural look, then a french manicure is very flattering on your toes. If you’re going to be bold, choose a coral shade which will add a summery shimmer every time you look at your feet! 

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