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Want Perfect Skin? Here’s What You Should Pick Up In Your Next Beauty Haul

Perfect skin is, actually, something many of us are born with – why do kids need such beautiful, dewy skin anyway? It’s not something many people take into their teens and twenties, though, except for maybe a lucky few. 

There are numerous skin types: dry, dehydrated, oily, combination, sensitive, and normal. There are also numerous skin conditions that can lower self confidence too, such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, and rosacea.

Want Perfect Skin? Here's What You Should Pick Up In Your Next Beauty Haul

With this in mind, is there a way you can achieve perfect skin, no matter your skin type or condition? Yes – but you should follow the advice below. Here’s what to pick up in your next beauty haul for perfect skin:

1 – A Gentle Cleanser

Not every cleanser is made for every skin type, but you can bet that you can find certain cleansers to suit the majority of skin types. Superfood cleansers are great as they can add lots of vitamins and minerals to the skin. If you’re worried about causing more problems with a cleanser, you can avoid the following:

  • Cleansers that contain alcohol – this can cause redness and dry patches. 
  • Cleansers that contain soap – not great for many skin types! 

Don’t use micellar water and call it a cleanser. Whatever your skin type is, you should be using an actual wash on your face to take off the day’s dirt and grime. If you look for one of boots discount codes before purchasing a cleanser, you shouldn’t spend too much money trying to find your perfect match. 

2 – An Organic Face Cream

There are so many face creams on the market, but most people get drawn in by those with the prettiest packaging and best marketing. Some even choose their face cream based on which influencer recommended it.

However, organic face creams tend to be the best choice for most people. They don’t tend to contain irritating ingredients, and they add moisture to the skin without ‘mattifying’ or over-moisturising it. Here’s some advice when choosing a face cream:

  • See if you can find a face cream from a handmade or organic beauty company. Creams containing ingredients such as shea butter and zinc can be great for all skin types, but it can take a while for your skin to ‘purge’ the bad stuff. 
  • Try not to buy a face cream that contains lots of essential oils. Too many essential oils in a face cream could cause irritation and breakouts. Some organic/natural cosmetic companies add these to their products, so stay vigilant. 

Want Perfect Skin? Here's What You Should Pick Up In Your Next Beauty Haul

3 – Alcohol Free Toner

Let’s set one thing straight with toner: you don’t actually need it. Yes, it’s nice to have as it ‘freshens’ up the face after washing. Some of the ingredients can also provide a nice brightening effect. However, most toners on the market are harsh on skin and can cause things like dryness and breakouts.

Test out your skincare regimen without a toner for a while and see how you get on – simply use cool water to clean your face and tighten pores after washing. If you do decide to purchase a toner, avoid any with alcohol in them. You may also find that avoiding essential oils helps you to steer clear of redness, dryness, and other issues.

I really hope you found these product tips helpful, and they’ve inspired you to pick up something new in your next beauty order!

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