3 Tips to Take A More Flattering Selfie

Have you ever wondered how those models always look so good in their photos? Well, you’re not alone. Whether it’s for your own admiration or the gram, it’ll be nice for your photos to look like you put some effort into them.

Luckily, you don’t have to go above and beyond to take flattering pictures. It just takes a few tips and tricks and voila! So, here are a few tips that you can try.

3 Tips to Take A More Flattering Selfie

Put your best face on

Now, this may seem like a lot of work, but it goes a long way to enhance your photos. So if you can, put a little makeup here and there to cover up those little details you don’t want to show. The dark circles, dark spots, or uneven eyebrows are easy fixes with the right products.

Make sure your foundation and concealer are the right match to your skin tone and have the desired amount of coverage. If you enjoy the natural look better, then be sure to take good care of your skin with a suitable skincare routine. That way, you might not have to do any work at all.

Get the lighting right

Lighting helps with clarity and vibrancy of the picture, and that’s why you should take it seriously. Unless the theme is a silhouette, try as much as possible to get a stable source of light. You can use the flash feature on your phone or camera or just use natural lighting, i.e., the sun.

Make sure your face is facing the light so that it highlights the high points of the face. The only thing is your angles need to be flattering too. So, as you’re facing the bright side, pull your chin out and turn your head to a three-quarter position. Also, remember to switch to your best side as well and place the camera above you. 

3 Tips to Take A More Flattering Selfie

Use The Right Tools

To be completely honest, most of those good-looking photos are taken with very impressive gadgets and editing apps as well. So don’t be so bothered if your pictures don’t look like them. If you want the same effect, then you might want to invest in some of these things. You can either use a phone with high picture quality alone or add the apps for an enhanced effect.

3 Tips to Take A More Flattering Selfie

While some apps can be used on the phone, using a computer might be more effective. The device must be functioning very well if you want maximum ease. So if you have to, learn how to reset a Macbook Pro, for example, to make your work smoother. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best in your photos, especially if it will make you more confident. The bottom line is that you may have to make some tweaks here and there to make it work.

These three tips have been tried and tested and are sure to give the desired results. Try them the next time you take a photo and if you like it, repeat. After some practice, it’ll come naturally to you, and you might become a pro. 

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