Check Out the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet is a floor covering that can create a feeling of cosiness and comfort in your home. Its main disadvantage is the tendency to pollution. However, if you choose the right approach at caring and carpet cleaning, you may not notice this problem. So how can you take care of the carpet so that it lasts clean as long as possible?

Check Out the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Dry Cleaning

This method is best suited for materials with a jute, glue, latex base, which are especially sensitive to moisture and susceptible to mildew. Dry cleaning is also recommended for natural carpets. This domestic carpet cleaning method can be done 2-3 times a week with a vacuum cleaner, which will remove dust and small dirt. For deep carpet cleaning, a slightly different solution is required. For example, a special electric machine with rotating brushes can easily remove dirt even from the base of the coating. Under the influence of a working tool that moves in a circle, the fibres are separated, and dirt and debris are easily removed from the inside of the carpet.

On a monthly basis, deep carpet cleaning should be carried out with a special powder agent based on micro sponges that absorb dirt well. It is one of the most advanced carpet maintenance techniques and is becoming more and more popular with homeowners. 

Cleaning the carpet with dry powder is carried out as follows: 

  • the surface is treated with a vacuum cleaner; 
  • after that, powder is sprinkled on the carpet; 
  • the coating is left for a while (up to two hours) so that the product absorbs dirt well; 
  • as soon as the granules begin to change colour, they are collected with a vacuum cleaner.

Check Out the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Caring for Long-Pile Carpets 

Long-pile carpets are difficult to maintain – they cannot be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, as the fibres do not allow air to pass through and retain moisture on the surface, which contributes to mould growth. It is better to lay material with long fibres in places where it will not get very dirty – then dry carpet cleaning method will be enough for maintaining the carpet’s cleanliness. Carpet of this type is vacuum cleaned at least twice a week, and heavily soiled areas – up to four times.

In children’s rooms, it is recommended to clean the coatings every week. After cleaning, the natural carpet can be freshened with a solution of ammonia (3 tablespoons per litre of water), wiping the surface of the material with it. 

Wet Cleaning 

With water, you can safely wash synthetic fabrics both by hand and using specialized equipment.

The range of detergents for wet cleaning of carpet is presented in the form of a variety of shampoos, washing powders, reagents and the like. Whichever preparation you choose, give preference only to high-quality cleaning agents from trusted manufacturers. The washing process itself is quite simple and is carried out as follows: 

  • make sure that your type of coating is compatible with wet cleaning – if necessary consult with professional carpet cleaning companies; 
  • add detergent to a container with water and stir until foam appears; 
  • apply foam to the surface and leave it on for a few minutes; 
  • gently wipe the coating with a stiff brush – this way the solution will better penetrate the pile and destroy stains along with an unpleasant odour; 
  • if too much moisture has accumulated in a certain area, it can be driven off with a spatula and soaked with a rag; 
  • it will be possible to walk on the cleaned carpet only after the pile has completely dried.

It is advisable to use this method of washing carpets no more than once a month, otherwise the pile will start to deteriorate. 

Check Out the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the most effective and affordable carpet cleaning methods. It is mainly used from companies, offering carpet cleaning services. The needed equipment for this procedure is quite pricey, so it is not recommended purchasing such machine only for domestic use. On the contrary, steam carpet cleaning services come at very reasonable prices, as there is a great competition in this field. However, keep in mind that the price of the service corresponds to its quality. You cannot benefit from excellent cleaning products, specialists’ experience, professional equipment and many other positive aspects of professional carpet cleaning services without paying the price they deserve.

Steam carpet cleaning will refresh your carpet and will eliminate the unpleasant odour it may have. Also, it is an excellent method for disinfecting the carpet, which is great benefit, especially if you have children and pets.

No matter which of those carpet cleaning methods you will choose, the most important thing is to maintain the carpet daily – vacuum the carpet 2 or 3 times a week, remove stains immediately, absorb the spilled liquid with tapping movement. Don’t let your carpet get too dirty, because it is harmful for your health!

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