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Create A Beauty Room At Home For Your Products

Create a makeup haven at home! A good idea to fill an empty space in your bedroom is to create a beautification corner. You can do this with a makeup desk, a comfortable stool or chair, a mirror and any kind of storage space you want for your cosmetics. Make sure you have good lighting and your beauty corner is ready. This way you will dye and comb your hair more comfortably having what you need more organized! If you have a ground floor room then add some light by changing the windows and adding some bifold doors

Create A Beauty Room At Home For Your Products

What to add to your room 

New homeware additions can really make your beauty room feel more functional.  Large mirrors, transparent storage spaces for your cosmetics, soft shades and details of gold and silver, compose the most impressive beauty corners of today. The modern interior design imposes the aesthetics of the boudoir, the luxury and the white lighting, which is ideal to highlight our face during the make-up. Get inspired and create the beauty corner of your dreams.

Keep in mind that your choice will depend on the amount of products you want to have neat and stored, the layout and square footage of your bedroom and of course the rest of the colour of your space. After all, as an appointed beautyholic, how else will you be able to try all the trends, apply the tips and advice we offer you if you do not have the right environment to grow and take your selfies?   

Create A Beauty Room At Home For Your Products


Storage is a keyword in everything related to an organized boudoir. You can choose plastic containers that look neat to the eye, using them as separators. Elsewhere the lipsticks, elsewhere the manos. Transparent plastics are what most often look more beautiful. Empty candle jars can also be used as a case for brushes, pencils, and even cotton swabs. Think about what your home has that would look amazing on your boudoir.

Choose the one that suits you

Look around you and think about whether it will be easier for you to separate the products according to their use or according to the brand. This will depend on you and your cosmetics collection. For example, a box containing all your lipsticks is useful for a small collection, while a box of lipsticks of a certain brand will serve you who are fanatics of lipsticks of only one specific brand.

Create A Beauty Room At Home For Your Products

Shelves for your Chanel! 

Another smart storage solution is to place them on shelves in different parts of your bedroom, even if they are small. This way, you will secure more space and be able to see everything neatly. Of course, you can do the same in the bathroom. In other words, put some extra shelves next to the cupboards or the mirror and thus have easier access to your cosmetics and care products. 

First of all, if you do not have any furniture to place your cosmetics, there is another solution and it is probably the most fun. Put all the beauty products that make you happy (unmistakable organization rule by Marie Kondo) in cute storage boxes to be neatly arranged.

Also, look for see-through cases that will help you find exactly what you need right away. That way, you’ll have all your makeup and skincare products in one go, even if you have little space, and your grooming routine will be easier and faster than ever – especially on those days when you have no time at all!

Throw out the old

When do cosmetics expire? The truth is if you are keeping hold of old make-up products, not only will it clog up your drawers and other things but it is also likely to cause issues with bacteria or your health.

  • Face cream: 6 months or earlier, if you see that there is a change in its texture, smell or colour.
  • Foundation:  If it is in liquid form, you may need to get a new one after 6 months – unless it is in a tube pack with a dispenser that lasts an extra 2 months.
  • Mascara: 6 months so it is good to renew the must-have beauty product.
  • Lipstick: Lipsticks and lip glosses last for 1 year, while pencils for 3 years, it is advisable to use a scraper before each use to avoid bacteria.
  • Extra tip:  Once all your favourite wax has melted, do not throw away the glass package but keep it to put in your brushes, lipsticks or swabs and make-up remover trays. 

It feels good to look good and feels even better to be organised! 


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