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How To Create Phone Wallpapers

I have been sharing phone wallpapers here on my blog for over eighteen months now, and they’re the most popular posts by far. I just love creating my own wallpapers and graphics, and being able to share them with you. I always like to change up my phone’s wallpaper regularly, so it’s fun to experiment with cute graphics, fonts and textures.

How To Create Phone Wallpapers

I always share my wallpapers over on my Pinterest account on one of my Pinterest phone wallpaper boards, and in posts here on my blog too. I am often asked how to make them, but they honestly couldn’t be easier. So I thought I’d share some of my hints and tips, some recommendations and also share some information on my go-to destination to purchase digital graphics and fonts etc.

Free Phone Wallpapers and Backgrounds

How To Create Phone Wallpapers

This wallpaper shown above, is one I made back in March 2019, and it alone has generated over 25,000 clicks to my blog from Pinterest and it honestly took me no more than five minutes to make.

You firstly need to think of the dimensions of the wallpaper. It’s recommend that you create them 1080 px in width, and then 1920 px in height, as that is the perfect wallpaper size for mobile phones. There’s different dimensions for desktop wallpapers, but those dimensions are the ones I always stick to whenever creating a wallpaper.

Something imperative you need to consider when creating wallpapers, is the ownership of the font and graphics that you are using. If you purchase a graphics bundle, or font bundle in order to create your own wallpapers, you must, must, must have the permission to legally do so. Which is why I use Design Bundles for purchasing my graphics, backgrounds, textures and fonts.

Choosing an example at random, here’s a great example of a fantastic marble background bundle with 14 different backgrounds, for only £1.53 which is fantastic value. With those 14 backgrounds, you can create a whole host of cute phone wallpapers, but you can’t just purchase any bundle or graphic without checking the licence on the digital product first.

Many sellers don’t allow their digital product to be used for creating blog graphics or wallpapers for example, so if you were to go ahead and ignore that, you’d be violating the seller’s copyright so you need to check the licence on every single digital product you purchase. Design Bundles are my go-to website because they couldn’t be more clear with their licensing information.

On every digital product such as a mock up, a bundle of textured wallpapers or collection of fonts for example, have a section on each product page, which shows the licence options for that product, so you’re 100% aware of your limitations when using the items. You might see “premium licence” or “corporate licence”, and you can click on them to know what that licence includes. Many sellers will allow you to use their product, but you must always check beforehand to ensure you’re not breaching anyone’s copyright.

Free Phone Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Now that’s the important official information out of the way, it’s now onto the fun part of making them. I have one favourite website for creating wallpapers, and one favourite App Store App depending on whether I’m on my phone or laptop. On my laptop I swear by PicMonkey, and on my phone I swear by Over.

On the PicMonkey website, you just need to open the background you want to use, and then use the cropping tool to ensure the measurements are 1080 x 1920 px, and that’s the background of your wallpaper done. Now many people like plain backgrounds, but I’ve found that those that have words like a motivational quote layered over the top are extremely popular. So to add the text you’d just click the ‘Text’ tool and choose which font you like.

I love using fonts I’ve bought as I find they’re nicer, so font bundles are my favourite as you can change your fonts regularly and see which ones you prefer. Once you’ve chosen your font, you just type out whatever you want your wallpaper to say, and then save it. It really is that simple once you have some cute graphics and fonts to play around with.

You just need to know which background you want to use, and then decide on a font. Sometimes you can get some really pretty backgrounds that are detailed enough that words aren’t needed – like this bundle of 364 galaxy-inspired backgrounds. Imagine how many wallpapers you could make with that bundle, and it’s only £3.06 – and it comes with a premium licence included, with commercial use allowed.

Something else I like with Design Bundles, is that you can actually message each Designer to check prior to purchase, if you want to be 100% sure they’d be happy with you using their graphics to create phone wallpapers which is great.

I really hope you found these tips on how to make phone wallpapers helpful, and they’ve inspired you to give some a try.

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