Small, Medium And Large Kitchen Features You Can Add

The kitchen, it is often said, is the most important room in the house – certainly from a selling point of view, where its “wow” factor can be instrumental in winning over potential buyers. It is also an important part of family life – where delicious meals are prepared and cooked as well as, so often, where family members congregate for chats which turn into cheerful evenings in. A home with a welcoming kitchen feels so much more like a real home, that making an enhancement to this one room can feel like a dramatic improvement to the whole home.

Small, Medium And Large Kitchen Features You Can Add

What kind of change would you make to your kitchen if you were given the budget to do so, and could pick just one thing to do? Below are a few options that are achievable and affordable, and could add that extra touch of style or warmth to a kitchen. Whether your intention is to add some resale value or simply to make your home feel more welcoming, there is something on this list for you, so read on to see what is possible.

Small, Medium And Large Kitchen Features You Can Add

Small changes you can make yourself, or outsource

If you are looking for a change that can be made to your kitchen without taking the room out of commission for a day or more, then there are plenty of cosmetic improvements that can make a significant difference without breaking the bank. A change to your kitchen cabinets is one potential option, which can be as simple as adding Washi tape around the outside of doors and drawers, or as adventurous as replacing these fixtures entirely. In the latter case, you’ll need to ensure you can get replacement front pieces that fit correctly – but once those are sourced, it’s a matter of a few moments with a screwdriver to install them.

You could, alternatively, re-cover the doors with decorative vinyl. This can be easily bought in home improvement stores, and is easy to install – usually the vinyl is even sold with the tools for fitting. You’ll need to consider whether you’ll buy a colour and pattern that suits your existing decor, or whether you’ll make a few additional changes to make things work. Whatever you decide, it can bring a splash of colour to the liveliest room in the household.

Medium changes that can be made promptly

If you’re prepared to make more substantial changes to your kitchen – possibly in tandem with an idea from above like decorative vinyl – then there are plenty of possibilities that can deliver a real boost to the look of this essential room. Among the best of these is a replacement of the kitchen work surfaces. Experts like Granite Transformations can deliver a touch of modernity in the room, and the advantage of an overhaul like this is that your work surfaces will be harder-wearing as well as prettier.

If you’re changing your surfaces, you might also be interested in adding other elements in the room that match the change in colour. Replacing kitchen flooring can be done in a comparatively short period of time, and can be a DIY job if you know what you’re doing. If you book at the right time, it is even possible to replace both the floor and the worktops in the same day, and achieve an instant glow-up that will ensure your kitchen gains aesthetically and practically.

Small, Medium And Large Kitchen Features You Can Add

Bigger changes that require more work

If you are prepared to set aside additional time, then you can overhaul a kitchen dramatically – naturally, while retaining the home-hub feel that is essential to a kitchen in a family home.

The changes you make in this regard will depend to some extent on the space you have available. You can make a major difference without using any additional space, for example, by replacing some or all of your appliances – although, of course, this comes at a price. You can also completely repaint, changing the overall aesthetic, and fit new blinds in the windows.

Another option, and one which will depend on having space available, is to install a kitchen island. As a centrepiece they can be visually impressive, with underlighting and a stylish top. They can bring practicality, adding an extra work surface and freeing up space on counter-tops which can become cluttered quickly (particularly when there is more than one person working in the kitchen). They can also take the place of a dining table, and when flanked with stools can be a fantastic spot to sit around enjoying an evening.

There is really no shortage of additions that can be made to a kitchen to give it that extra je ne sais quoi, from both an aesthetic and a practical standpoint. A pot filler tap installed above the cooker-top can allow you to fill pans with water without having to then lug that same pan back from the sink, while a dedicated extractor hood can stop the kitchen from filling with condensation on the colder evenings. The changes you make are really up to you, and depend on what you want to get from the renovation.

Small, Medium And Large Kitchen Features You Can Add

Little touches that can be added afterwards

While the above examples all require some installing, to a greater or lesser extent, there are little additions you can make in your kitchen to make it feel a little more cohesive and complete. Counter-top storage utensils like a spaghetti jar, dedicated tubs for tea, coffee and sweetener, or a fruit bowl can be transformative all on their own. A spice rack is another possibility; with the added benefit that it can persuade you to be a bit more adventurous with cuisine. Why not check out recipes that allow you to finally use that cumin or ground nutmeg.

All in all, there is no shortage of changes you can make to your kitchen to give your home a brand new feeling. Small, medium or large, all of the above modifications can be transformative in the best possible way and give the most important room in your house the boost that you’ve been looking for.


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