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The Conundrum Of Making A December Birthday Feel Special

Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday. However, for people who are born at certain times of the year, that can be difficult. December babies, especially those born very close to Christmas, tend to have their birthday overshadowed and, sometimes, outright negated by the more dominant holiday. As such, if you’re worried about your December-born loved one feeling a little neglected, here are a few things you can do to turn it around for them.

The Conundrum Of Making A December Birthday Feel Special

Give the gift of pampering

If you’re worried about your loved one feeling a little neglected amongst all that holiday cheer, then why not focus on a gift that’s centred around making them feel special? The best way to do this would be to plan in advance and to arrange a spa visit to see them well and truly spoiled. However, if you fail to find a place for them to do just that, then you might as well get them a pampering kit that they can use at home, instead.

Make it an emotional message

One of the things about having a birthday near Christmas is that it’s very easy to get everything you want on the big day itself, so you might not have a “need” for more physical gifts. As such, gifts that are a little more heartfelt than practical might be a more meaningful solution. For instance, you can get them a flower arrangement with the birth flower of December. Or you might get them something like a photo gallery of some of their fondest memories on display.

The Conundrum Of Making A December Birthday Feel Special

Give them your time

One of the big problems with a December holiday is that everyone’s schedule is so full that it can be hard for them to make time for you. Instead of focusing on a physical gift for your loved one, you can instead gift them an experience that sees you both spending time together on their birthday. Take them out for a nice lunch, a fancy dinner, to a special cinema viewing, or even for a romantic walk around the Christmas market. This way you can make sure they’re not feeling neglected on their big day.

The Conundrum Of Making A December Birthday Feel Special

Be flexible with the celebrations

If you want to plan a big birthday party for your loved one, then you both have to accept that most people aren’t likely to be able to make it to their party. If you have a shared Christmas celebration coming up, you can ask the others organizing it if they would be happy to allow you piggy-back a birthday celebration on top of it. It can be a nice surprise to arrive at a party only to find out it’s a party for you. Otherwise, you might want to talk about having a real birthday party after the New Year, when the holiday season is no longer in the way.

Come the holiday season, you might worry about your loved one feeling like their big day feels a lot smaller. However, you can take the time to make it feel a little more special with the tips above.


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