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Why You Need To Use Custom Fonts For Your Blog

When I started blogging nearly eight years ago, blogging was a ‘thing’ but it was no way near as popular as it is today. It feels as if everyone has a blog, so with competition being fierce for brand collaborations, I feel it’s important to standout in how your blog looks as so many blogs look identical with the same blog theme or template.

Why You Need To Use Custom Fonts For Your Blog

Firstly you need a super sleek blog design, with ultra fast page speed, but using custom fonts can really help you in making your blog stand out. The personalised touch is always a winner, and I like to use custom fonts for several different reasons which I want to share with you below.

Lots of websites offer paid fonts where you typically pay a graphic designer for the font. However, Design Bundles should be your go-to when it comes to free fonts as they offer a great selection of free fonts.

Sure they offer great paid fonts too, but if you’re just starting out on the whole custom fonts process, Design Bundles tick all of the boxes. Some sites offering free fonts might have one or two fonts to try and draw you in, but Design Bundles have multiple pages of custom fonts which you can download to your phone or computer.

Why You Need To Use Custom Fonts For Your Blog

You’d be forgiven for thinking free fonts are going to be ugly like the old classic; Comic Sans, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many great options to choose from in regular, script and web typefaces, meaning there’s something for everyone.

When you’re using a custom font, you can download it to your mobile phone, and/or your laptop or computer. If you download them to your phone, you can use them with an image editing app such as Over, which allows you to save custom fonts within the app making it super quick and easy to use. If you want to use them on your laptop, you download them like you can with mobiles, and then you’ll be able to use them on PicMonkey to create custom graphics with your personalised fonts – it couldn’t be easier.

Why You Need To Use Custom Fonts For Your Blog

Design Bundles also offer great value bundles, where you snap up a deal with a whole host of custom fonts and / or graphics for a limited reduced price. The bundle deals are usually what I purchase, as I like to be able to get both custom fonts and graphics in order to create social media blog graphics.

Ways To Use Custom Fonts

I use custom fonts for my blog headers on all three of my blogs. When you visit a blog or any website in general, the first thing you see is the blog header and you want to make a good impression, in the hope you’re blog visitors will stay around or potentially follow your blog too.

Why You Need To Use Custom Fonts For Your Blog

If you have social media channels for your blog, custom fonts will be very beneficial. Blogging experts recommend creating special Pinterest graphics to help promote each of your blog posts. You need your blog post pins to be eye-catching, and enable the Pinner to want to click through the graphic to reach your blog. There’s endless blogging pins on Pinterest, so again, you need to stand out and custom fonts are an easy way to do that. You can use multiple fonts on the same Pinterest graphic, and you can even use those custom fonts to create a Instagram Story slides too.

Instagram have only a few fonts for their Stories tool, and in all honesty, they’re a little ugly. Blog readers must tire from seeing the sane fonts on every Instagram Story from lots of different bloggers, so if you choose something unique and different to the Instagram fonts, it’s going to catch their attention and tempt them to click through to your blog to find out more.

You can also use custom fonts and graphics to create collages if you use platforms such as RewardStyle or ShopStyle where you can share different products online in a collage. Many bloggers create collages, so to be unique and stand out a little more, you can add graphics, textures and fonts to personalise the collage and make it look less ‘sales-y’ by customising you’re collage. You can share your collages to Pinterest and plain collages aren’t going to pique anyone’s interest, so giving your collage a personal touch, will definitely help to garner repins and clicks.

You can use custom fonts for creating things like party or wedding invitations. There’s loads of great online template services which allow you to creat digital items such as invites, and you can use your own fonts to personalise the invites and make them more ‘you’. Especially if you like the idea of having the same theme in terms of fonts, as you could use the same fonts for your save the dates, wedding invitations and even place settings on the wedding day itself.

In addition to your blog header, you could install a specific fonts plugin if you have a WordPress blog. By doing so, you can then use your custom fonts for different typography on your we site such as headings, body font or even widget titles or footer credits. You can use them to personalise your site very quickly and easily, and the end result looks great and gives your blog that polished, more professional vibe too.

Another great use for custom fonts is for those that love planners. If you’re a fan of planners or bullet journaling, it is costly to purchase stickers and decorations for your planners. By using custom fonts, you can create your own stickers and planner decorations providing you have a printer, and it would be massively more affordable than purchasing via Etsy for example, and you can custom design something you truly love.

There are so many fantastic ways in which you can utilise custom fonts, and I hope this post has inspired you to try out some custom free fonts to see what you can create with them.

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